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Romantic Fairytale Wedding Video in a Forest | Nicole & Jameson

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Today we’re sharing with you a breathtaking wedding video that will transfer you in a fairytale scenery full of romance and elegance! The wedding of Nicole and Jameson left us speechless with its fairytale planning and styling by Belli Momenti. The ceremony took place in a forest in the heart of nature where this idyllic scenery decorated perfectly with fresh flowers in white, sage, coral, rose, blue and burgundy shades combined with rustic elements. The bride’s entrance on a whitish horse stole our heart… the beautiful bride was like a real fairy wearing a romantic flowy wedding dress with lace details and crown on her hair. From the beginning to the end, this video transmits positive emotions by capturing perfectly every single special moment. A snapshot that will bring the couple back in time and revive the unforgettable memories of their dreamy wedding… Enjoy!

The bride shared with us: “With my husband we met online. It was Jameson’s great-grandfather’s autobiography and experiences – and Swiss roots – that let him to find love on an international dating website. He was specifically looking for his match in Nuremberg Germany as his great-grandmother was the daughter of the Curator of the Albrecht Durer House. She was the one who was swept away to the wild west by Jamie’s great grandfather (who was American). (Un)fortunately, he had to widen his search radius, as there were not too many Germans on that site looking for love. That’s how he ended up finding my profile. In my case it was an inner longing to not live in Switzerland. Don’t get me wrong. Switzerland is the perfect country to live in! But for some reason I always had this longing to live somewhere else. Since I am mostly fluent in English, I set my eyes on English speaking countries. As fate wanted, we both singed up around the same time and on a fateful Thursday in May I received his first message: How do you fare this Thursday? And so it began.”

“He proposed in the most romantic way! I was so overwhelmed, that in the evening I did not know whether to cry, laugh, sleep, run, eat or drink! It started out with a lavish breakfast including champagne! That was my first clue. Then he organized a chauffeur to drive us to a castle close by. As we got closer I saw a beautifully carriage decorate at the side of the road. My horsie heart got very excited, but I tried to calm myself, who knows! It might not be waiting for us! (Of course it was waiting for us!!). So as we waited in the castle, the two Shire Horses pulled up and off we went through a foggy winter forest! Cuddled up under a blanket and enjoying the scenery. After about two hours we came to a forest pond. The horses got a break and we went off into the forest for a stroll. And there he proposed. Beneath old trees by the water.”

“But well thought through plan didn’t end there. We went back to the carriage and rode to Wuelflingen castle to dine in a private room. (Apparently they had no more seats left in the dining hall, but would make an exception – the waitress fooled me oh so well with her acting! She was in on the surprise that was waiting for me in the basement). My emotions by that time were already used up. However there was another surprise waiting. Jamie expressed interest in the architecture which is not unusual. So I asked our waitress about certain details. She was in on the surprise Jamie had planned and used this to lure us to the basement / wine cellar under the pretense of giving us a tour through the castle. As we walk down, rose petals and candles adorned the staircase and I thought “how sweet, they must have realized that we just got engaged and tried to give us something special” – little did I know! As she opens the door to the wine cellar, violin music drifts out. There in the midst of oak barrels, a violist is playing while champagne is waiting for us. And that was the moment he proposed a second time! After our meal, the violist came upstairs to our private room to play some more. As he started playing “Perfect by Ed Sheeran” Jamie asked me to dance! After that we made our way back to the city with the carriage where we were picked up by our chauffeur to drive us home. (I still can not believe to what lengths he went to propose!).”

“We chose to have a videographer as most of Jamies family could not make the long travel from the US to Greece. This way we could share. Now that the wedding is over, I’m glad we chose to have it filmed as I can hardly remember a detail! It was truly as magical as the video shows! The perfect light, perfect decorations, the horses were behaving perfectly. There is no better word to describe it!”

“We didn’t really have a concept. For the ceremony we wanted rustic elegance as it was in a forest. But I was afraid it would clash with the opulent Palace for the reception in the evening. However it worked out so well! I suppose my main colors were sage and white. The Flowers were sage, white as a base. Then a pastel coral (Rose ‘Wild Radish’) with blue (Forget me not). To contrast this we used occasionally a dark burgundy (Sacbiosa ‘Black Berry Scoop’).”

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