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Romantic Elopement in Gorgeous Portugal | Kate & Ryan

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Romantic elopement in gorgeous Portugal  | Kate & Ryan

Today’s elopement planned by White Dot Weddings is so beautiful and romantic that we can almost guarantee you are going to love it just as much as we did! Kate and Ryan decided to elope in lovely Portugal and we are swept up in their love story captured so beautifully by JJMT Photography! Don’t miss every detail including the two love birds that stole our heart!

Captured by Jjmt Photography.

romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_01 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_02

«Ryan and I went to high school together and knew of each other, but it wasn’t until later that we met at a bar on a Monday night, called Whiskey Dix. We instantly hit it off and have been together ever since! During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I was studying to take the Law School Admission Test. Due to the pandemic, test takers were unable to write the test in person, so I decided to take my test in a quite hotel room down the street, so that I would have no interruptions. When I completed my test, Ryan came over with a bottle of wine to help me celebrate and then got down on one knee and proposed to me!», the bride shared with us.

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«We eloped on a cliff at Praia da Ursa which just our immediate family present (6 guests total). For the flowers I chose soft pinks and white and they were just absolutely beautiful! We were going to have an arch to stand under for the ceremony, but due to the location, it would have been too windy to have an arch that day. However, we’re kind of glad we didn’t have an arch – the amazing landscape and background of the ocean was more than enough. As for the reception, we went down the street to a restaurant called Bar do Fundo. We didn’t rent out the restaurant or add any decorations as there was only 6 of us. We just wanted to sit down, enjoy the view, and eat some amazing Portuguese food.»

romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_05 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_06

«Can I say we loved everything?! The ceremony was so lovely – being up there with our families and getting married to the love of my life was just a dream. The view was also just so breathtaking – I wanted to stay there all night and watch the sunset.»

romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_07 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_08

Ryan and I both really enjoyed walking around Sintra and taking pictures with Janine from JJMT Photography prior to the ceremony. She made taking pictures so much fun and we got to see so much of the beautiful town in the process.

kate, bride
romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_09 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_10

The bride’s advice: «ELOPE!!! I highly recommend saving your pennies and do a destination elopement. Ryan and I went to some venues in our hometown and when we saw what the price was going to be, we were like “we could use that money to travel the world!” So we did – we traveled to Europe for 3 weeks and eloped for the same price as a wedding in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We also loved how intimate and private our wedding was with just our immediate family present.»

romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_12 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_13 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_14

«My wedding dress was lacy, not very flow, had a nice smaller train, and gorgeous sleeves (that was my favourite).»

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«Portugal was very affordable (food, Airbnb’s, activities, etc). Transportation was excellent – Ubers were reasonably priced and very reliable. We loved Portugal so much, that we are visiting again this fall!!»

romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_19 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_20 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_21 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_22 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_23 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_24 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_25 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_26 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_27 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_28 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_29 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_30 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_31 romantic-elopement-gorgeous-portugal_32

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