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Rogue Trader Let Loose on BBC, "Goldman Sachs Rules World."

Posted on the 28 September 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
"Markets are ruled by fear, the stock market is finished, dive dive dive!" so says independent (read 'hobbyist') market trader Alessio Rastani, adding, "Governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world."
Euro is toast!
Market is toast!
Savings are gone!

Does anyone remember how Rothschild pre-aired the disastrous news of the defeat of the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo in 1815 by selling his own stock ... then making a killing on the London stock market by buying at panic-plummeted prices before the REAL NEWS of Napoleon's defeat arrived by courier? And this looks A LOT like that, a military-industrial Corporate War psy-op; a lie to keep you afraid so that BARGAINS can be picked up after you've panicked.
So, who is this Alessio Rastani? Is he YesMen hoaxsters founder Andy Bichlbaum? Doesn't look like it to me ... so who is this guy?
Alessio Rastani: I have no idea why I’m getting this attention. I don’t think it was news. For someone to say what I said, I thought everybody already knew this kind of stuff. The big players of funds rule the world, I don’t think that was news. And what I said about making money from a crash, obviously not everybody knows about that, you can make money from a downward market. A lot of people just got the wrong end of the foot, misunderstood what I was saying. They thought I was joyful or licking my lips about the idea of making money from people’s miseries. That’s probably the way it looked on the video. But if they watch the whole video, what I was really trying to say is people need to educate themselves about how to do that… what I was trying to say was, look, everyone should basically prepare. I was trying to be the good guy. [source FORBES]

The BBC said that they had conducted detailed investigations and could not find any evidence he was a hoax.
The YESMEN said it wasn't one of their soldiers, nor their founder.
The TRUTH will out, or maybe it is out, or maybe it isn't.
Gotta love this sick money game, eh?

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