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Rogue R-3 Rack Review: The Ultimate Everyman Rack for Home Gyms

By Jessicashaw

Rogue’s R-3 Power Rack is one of the best racks on the market. From affordability to Rogue’s legendary durability, the R-3 is a killer choice for your home gym. Here’s why.

Rogue R-3 Power Rack

Rogue’s R-3 Power Rack is the ultimate everyman’s rack.

While there are plenty of cheaper alternatives on Amazon and elsewhere, there just isn’t the versatility, toughness, and overall awesomeness that comes with the R-3.

If you want a heavy-duty power rack that still comes at a super respectable price tag of $750 (without any of the fun add-ons, obviously), the R-3 is your best choice for a power rack.

Here’s a more detailed look at the R-3, key features, and why you should consider the R-3 for your home or garage gym.

Where to Buy: The Rogue R-3 Power Rack is available exclusively at Rogue’s website. The R-3 starts at $750. Shop @ Rogue Fitness

The R-3: The Perfect Starter Rack for a Serious Home Gym

To call the R-3 a starter rack is a bit misleading. It’s an affordable Rogue rack (when you get into the Monster racks the price tag climbs substantially) that nails the basics exceptionally well.

Here’s a full breakdown of what you can expect to get and see with the Rogue R-3.

Let’s dive right in.

Two height options are available.

This is fantastic news for lifters who have low height workout areas (ahem, basement gyms). The standard height of the R-3 is 7’6” and the shorter version (literally called the “Shorty” version—just select this feature in the drop-down menu) is 7 feet tall. No matter the clearance of your workout space, there is an R-3 that will fit.

The R-3 is designed to be bolted down.

While a lot of the cheaper power racks out there can be used free-standing, the R-3 has to be bolted to the floor. (I mean, you could use it without doing so, but Rogue is pretty adamant on this point.)

The rack isn’t super long, with just a two-foot gap between the front and back columns (and a 34” total length with the feet included). This adds an element of set-up that some home and garage gym owners might not be too keen on.

The concrete anchor kit to park this power rack is unfortunately not included (which I found a little odd, it’s just $14, throw it in, you know?) and needs to be purchased as an add-on.

Rogue R-3 Power Rack Review

2×3 steel frame

The steel frame is 2×3” 11-gauge American steel, giving the rack a total weight of 200lbs.

Most of the cheaper home squat racks are made with a 2×2 steel frame, while heavy-duty, commercial racks are a beefy 3×3 construction.

I really like 2×3 as it doesn’t take up any unnecessary space while still retaining a lot of the strength and support of a commercial-grade rack.

Powder coated steel frame that looks badass

Function and durability are awesome, but so is having a squat rack that looks great. Rogue’s stuff always looks sharp, whether it’s their Monster flat bench, bumper plates or kettlebells.

Aesthetics matter and when building out our home gym we want something that looks as badass as our goals. The R-3 is a good looking beast.

Accessories galore

The R-3 comes with both a fat and skinny bar for pull-ups. It also ships with pegs to add resistance bands to your lifting, safety pipes, and Infinity J-cups (which are laughably better than the chrome pegs that you get with cheaper squat racks).

Rogue backs this bad boy for life.

And lastly, for your piece of mind, Rogue backs the frame and welds with a lifetime warranty (limited by obvious negligence or faulty use by the owner, obviously, so don’t go throwing your cage off the top of a building because the paint’s faded, thinking you will get a new one).

Rogue R-3 Power Rack – Where to Buy

The Rogue R-3 is the perfect squat rack for anyone who wants a tough, sleek and customizable squat rack for their home or garage gym. It’s priced reasonably, starting at $750, and is backed for life by Rogue.

Rogue R-3 Rack Review: The Ultimate Everyman Rack for Home Gyms
Rogue R-3 Rack Review: The Ultimate Everyman Rack for Home Gyms

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