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Rodan and Fields Reviews

By Ty Watson

Rodan and Fields is a company known to have produced some great quality skin care products. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are the founders of this product line.

They claim that you can get excellent results by using their products just sitting at your house and without going for expensive treatments.

Their famous skin care products are Proactiv Solution, Macro Exfoliator and AMP MD Systemmake which have been verypopular with number of customers across the world. Most of their products are on the expensive side.

This post is related to Rodan and Fields reviews where I have tried to cover the maximum number of products with maximum details about them.

They have main four products namely Rodan and Fields Reverse which is claimed to be great ageing spots and uneven skin, next product is an ageing product Rodan and Fields Redefine, third is Rodan and Fields Unblemish which is effective for acne breakouts and fourth one is Rodan and Fields Sooth which they claim is effective for irritated and sensitive skins.

Rodan and Field's Redefine Anti-Age Regimen Kit

This Rodan and Fields redfine anti aging provide the complete skincare to you. It has many powerful ingredients which are known to have positive results in the form of minimized wrinkles, lines and enhanced skin firmness.

Directions to use it

It is advisable to use a cleanser first before using the Rodan and Fields Redefine. You can use its cleansing mask by applying it on to your face and letting it to dry and then washing it off with water.

Next step include the application of anti age pore reducing toner on the complete face and neck. Just be careful it does not go into your eyes. Then apply the anti age triple defence treatment SPF 30 on your whole face and neck.

Based on Rodan and Fields Reviews on Amazon it has got feedback rating of 3.8 stars. The customers have given mixed reviews on this product. Some of the customers have got very good results in the form of improved skin and others have not got such good results. So you give it a try to actually know the results on your skin tone.

Rodan and Fields Reverse Regimen for Brown Spots, Sun Damage and Dullness

Rodan and Fields Reviews

We have seen that our skin gets dark black or brown spots with time. This happens usually due to excessive exposure to the Sun and external environment.

This makes your skin dull and results in unwanted spots. This Rodan and Fields Reverse regimen is desired to take care of such a problem and provide you better skin.

This product is claims to exfoliate you skin thoroughly and results in brighten skin and removes dullness. It provides you smooth and radiant skin when used properly over longer periods of time.

People have seen very good results with this Rodan and Fields reverse product when used as per the directions mentioned on the product.

Some people have felt that initially this cream is a bit hard on your skin and you need to use it once a day for few days. After your skin gets used to this cream then you can start using it twice or as prescribed.

Based on Rodan and Fields reviews on Amazon it has received 3.2 star rating which is decent if not great.

Rodan and Fields Unblemish Regimen for Acne and Marks

Rodan and Fields Reviews

Acne breakout is most irritating physical change and yet it is very common. Due various reasons the acne can breakout any time especially in young people. It may be due extra oily skin, climatic conditions or other medical conditions.

This Rodan and Fields Unblemish kit is very effective in controlling the acne. It helps in deep cleansing of your skin pores and clears the blemishes caused due to acne. It makes your skin free from blackheads, pimples and unwanted marks occurred due to acne.

People with acne have seen amazing results with this Rodan and Fields Unblemish product. They have seen in few weeks time some miraculous results with this kit. Some have seen less results as compared to others.

As per Rodan Fields reviews it has managed to get decent user rating of 3.4 stars.

Rodan and Fields Soothe Regimen for Sensitive, Facial Redness and Irritated Skin

This product is made for people having very sensitive skins. Some people have such a sensitive skin that they get instant redness and irritation when exposed to external or unfavorable environment.

This Rodan and Fields soothe is claimed to minimize skin irritating and redness in only 5 minutes. This Rodan Fields soothe acts as a shield which protects your skin from external environment. It maintains the skin moisture level which helps in providing the extra protection to your skin.

So get this soothe if you have very sensitive skin and get rid of that skin redness which is very annoying and troublesome. Number of people has seen decent results with product when used over a considerable period of time.

This has got 3.1 stars in Amazon Rodan and Fields reviews. It is worth giving a try at least once if you face skin redness.

Your turn on Rodan and Fields Reviews

We have reviewed four most popular products from the house of Rodan and Fields. These products have been generally popular among many people across the world. If you want to add your Rodan Fields reviews about one of the above product or its any other product the please share with us in following comments.

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