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Rock Salt

By Blueoctober @blueoctober__
rock salt
I don't know about you, but when I'm home (usually at the weekends) I really struggle with lunch. Not eating it - that part I'm fine with - but coming up with interesting ideas of what to rustle up. During the week I try my best to take lunch to work with me; usually a salad, sarnie or soup, and by the time the weekend has arrived I want something more interesting! Recently, these two beauties have been what I turn to - garlicky, cheesy mushrooms on toast, or avocado with chili flakes. I was inspired by Rosie's Wild Mushroom Melts for the former, and although my version isn't quite as fancy, it never fails to hit the spot. Very simply, fry mushrooms in a pan with butter and garlic, and just before serving stir in a heap of grated cheese. Oh yes. It aint gonna make you slim, but it will make you happy - that I can guarantee.And secondly, avocado is made a million times better with chili flakes. Well, what isn't! I try not to crush/mash the avocado too much as you still want a little bite, but just smush (technical term) in a bowl and pile on toast. Crack some rock salt and pepper over the top, followed by a generous shake of chili flakes. If you have a lime to hand, a small squeeze of juice is a great addition. As both of these toppings are on the soft side, you definitely want to serve them with toast rather than bread. I like using sourdough if I can get hold it, if not a good old bloomer will do!rock saltrock saltrock salt

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