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Rock On, Feminist Santa!

By Bunnysunday @missbunnysunday

Rock on, Feminist Santa!Did you know there’s a female Santa Claus?

She’s a Pagan goddess from Germany named Frau Holle, sometimes called Holda. Frau Holle is the goddess of the winter solstice who wears a goose feather gown and rides in a chariot drawn by geese. Like Santa, she travels the world on Christmas Eve, flying through the sky and giving gifts to children. She also blesses her adult followers with good health and fortune.

Some historians think Frau Holle evolved into Frigg, the wife of Odin and queen of the Norse pantheon. It’s interesting to note that the story of Santa Claus originates in Norse mythology, specifically tales of Odin riding through the sky on the eve of Yuletide. It makes sense that his queen would be associated with the same tradition.

Frau Holle is a part of Yule celebrations in many pagan households. She’s also been embraced by feminists who want kids to be aware that both a man and a woman can do Santa’s job. Think about incorporating this goddess into your holiday decor or placing her image on your Yule altar.

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Rock on, Feminist Santa!

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