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Robert Schuller - Dead Today

By Elizabethprata @elizabethprata
Robert Schuller, Crystal Cathedral megachurch, founder, dies
The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, a California televangelist and author who beamed his upbeat messages on faith and redemption to millions of followers from his landmark Crystal Cathedral only to see his empire crumble in his waning years, has died. He was 88. Schuller died Thursday at a care facility in Artesia, daughter Carol Schuller Milner said. He was diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer in 2013.
Schuller had a bigger effect on CHristianity than many are aware. The effect was assuredly negative. Mr Schuller taught many false things, wrapped in positivity, self-esteem, and church growth strategies. Rick Warren is a spiritual child of Schuller. See links at bottom.
For now, here is a Guest Post by R. Craig Fulford in which he encapsulates my sentiments exactly. It is printed with permission
Today was the DOD for Robert Schuller. Many probably said, "Well now he will get what he deserves"! Or something close to that.
Robert Schuller - Dead today
But my reaction was very different. I actually found myself with tears in my eyes because his death reminded me that none of us "deserve" God's Grace and the fact that Schuller lead so many people down the road leading to destruction while knowing that Pastors are subject to even a higher standard regarding the truth means that Schuller is particularly suffering God's wrath. And that is no cause for joy nor is it a cue for born again believers to say he deserved what he got.
It is, however, especially significant that his death occurred on the weekend that Jesus paid the price for his sins and yet Schuller never came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. To the contrary, he was one of the most heretical teachers in recent history and laid a foundation for other false teachers to follow.
So today we see an epidemic of “seeker sensitive”, universalistic, easy believism churches that teach “relativism” as the accepted norm and totally misrepresent God’s word in favor of the doctrine of “pragmatism”. And that false doctrine is not just limited to the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches. The same liberal influences have infected the traditional mainline denominations as well.
And yet another less publicized beneficiary of all of this liberal and non-Biblical heresy are those who look at what is now considered to be Christianity and understandably view it as something closely akin to the “Twilight Zone”. And who can blame them?
Biblically sound Churches are becoming almost impossible to find and many “wanna be believers” are settling for doctrines they believe are close enough. But as Spurgeon so famously said:
Robert Schuller - Dead today
Schuller’s death could very well be the catalyst born again believers need to realize the spiritual consequences both our friends and even members of our family face. It’s indeed ironic that Schuller died close to three days before Jesus was resurrected. Just saying!
Schuller’s death has caused me to pray, with a new conviction, that those I know and love who are deceived and don’t realize they are, will be convicted unto regeneration by the Holy Spirit. And that God will enable me to speak to them under the control of the Holy Spirit.
I know that my efforts are not sufficient in any way shape or form. But I also know that I’m commanded, not asked, to make sure His word is heard because faith comes by hearing. The rest is up to God!
Robert Schuller - Dead today
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