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Robert Ludlum - The Prometheus Deception - October 2001

Posted on the 19 September 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Robert Ludlum - The Prometheus Deception - October 2001how fitting that since September 11th 2011, the tenth anniversary of the counter-intelligence power play that left a hole called "Ground Zero" in the centre of New York's financial district, I've taken it upon myself to re-read Robert Ludlum's 2001 book THE PROMETHEUS DECEPTION. Actually, I picked it up in the library purely by accident, not realising I'd read this book a few years ago. But it's STILL a crackin' roller-coaster of a read.
It's basically about a counter-terrorist who's been working for the wrong side.
It's about a shadow cointelpro group who RUNS the east against the west.
It's about the laundering of money in black projects aka legal fraud.
So what's so relevant about two planes hitting two steel towers and THREE STEEL TOWERS falling into their own footprint at freefall acceleration?
Page 227: 770 passengers lost their life on the EXPLODED EUROSTAR, an attack on the transport network used as a justification for invasion of sovereign countries and a pretext for a Surveillance Society (both of which we have).
Page 238: the owner of Systematix looks very much like Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, in that he's a benevolent conglomerate owner talking about Network Centric Warfare and an INTERNET IN SPACE.
Page 270: an ANTHRAX attack associated with global 'terror events', as happened on September 11th 2001,
He was seeing a pattern of terrorism, increasing in frequency,the commonalities evident. Each was designed to incite chaos, wide-ranging public injury, and resulting in fear. These were classically designed terrorist paradigms, except for one thing.
No one had claimed responsibility.

Page 490: Ludlum even uncovers Rumsfeld's missing $2.3 TRILLION Internet In Space seed money, except that in his naïveté of the scale of the global enterprise quoted the sum in BILLIONS.
Man, Robert Ludlum would surely have been all over the TV on the day of 9-11 and since. He would have torn apart this near-successful anti-coup on day one, as Gore Vidal has attempted to do since 9-11. Where were the rest of you 9-11 sleuths who sucked up each and every scripted lie of that fateful day, nine years ago today?
Get a spine and find some real criminals to try.

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