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Robert Farago Makes His Points in JS Online

Posted on the 11 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
Eugene Kane handles Robert Farago with kid gloves.Apparently they had a phone conversation and Eugene let Robert make all his points without challenging anything. For example, when Farago said concealed carry is in the Constitution, there should have been a huge guffaw from Kane and at least an attempt to question that logic.
Robert Farago and his friends are continually pushing the unacceptable leap in logic that works something like this:
1. Right to life
2. Right to self-defense
3. Right to carry a handgun
The distance between points 2 and 3 is too much for me, but Robert slips it into every discussion as if it's just fine.
In response to the law in Wisconsin having been changed to eliminate any requirement of training before receiving the CCW permit, Robert had this to say and Eugene let him gat away with it.
"Actually, it's a pretty simple thing to pull out a gun, aim and shoot it," he insisted.
Admittedly, shooting a gun is easy, and granted, most folks who apply for the concealed carry permit do far more training and preparation than any law would require, yet there are those who don't. Web sites like The Truth about Guns, which are wildly popular, continually browbeat their readers with the fear-driven message that their lives are in constant danger and guns are the answer. Privately, as in this telephone interview, Farago admits this is not true, but the Armed Intelligentsia commenting on his site all seem to agree carrying a gun is the only way to go.
Some folks are influenced by this who are not trained or equipped with the basic coordination skills and/or mental wherewithal to handle a gun safely. They can get a concealed carry permit in places like Wisconsin with no training whatsoever.
Eugene Kane closed out the piece with this.
I can agree with much of what Farago said about the right to bear arms, but I would also hope most concealed gun owners get proper training and attempt to be at least a little intelligent with their decisions.I can't help but think that would be a good thing for all of us.
Please, Eugene, hopin' ain't gonna get it, man. Gun owners need to be screened carefully, CCW permit applicants even more so. We're past hoping that they get training and are intelligent enough to act responsibly.  Some don't and some aren't.  Here's my goal. And the way we're going to get there is this.
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