Roatan Month 18 Roundup

Posted on the 12 March 2014 by Cubiclethrowdown

18 months!!! A year and a half!
Oh, and also, yeah, I'm alive. Thanks for all the concerned emails :) I moved from the jungle back to town and I was busy with moving and then going out and seeing all my friends that I hadn't seen very often in the last 8 months! They'll be a tour of my new place coming up soon and lots of other new stuff as well, so please check back often (I promise it won't be another month - sorry to Carol who I know checks my site daily for new posts!)
This one will have to be a short and sweet roundup, because upon opening my computer for the first time in three weeks I've discovered it's full of malware and viruses. So now I have to go download all kinds of antivirus crap that takes 17 years to download on a 3G internet connection. Ah, Caribbean life!
Let's get to the roundup....
You can always see all my monthly roundups by clicking on the 'roundup' tag below... but here they all are in order: Month 17, Month 16, Month 15, Month 14, Month 13, Month 12, Month 11, Month 10, Month 9, Month 8, Month 7, Month 6, Month 5, Month 4, Month 3, Month 2 and finally little old Month 1. Sometimes when you type 'month' that many times it looks really weird.
1. Gratuitous Diving Photo:
With my recent promotion to dive shop supervisor this has ended up in me not getting to go diving anymore. I am not super happy about this and am going to start transitioning a few minor responsibilities so I can at least get in the water for one or two dives a week. So these days my stock of underwater photos of me is dwindling rapidly. Here's one of the last few:

Roatan Month 18 Roundup

teaching my best friend  his advanced open water course!

2. Posts from the last month:
Only a few. Le sigh.
  • an updated Roatan cost of living and budget post now that I'm no longer housesitting
  • a new post in my Roatan Review series: Casa del Sol hotel in West End
  • my 'anti-New Years Resolutions' because I suck at keeping resolutions!
And that was it for month 18.
3. Coolest thing I've found on the internet this month:
Well I don't know about you guys, but I think this healthy vending machine that dispenses salads is pretty badass:

Roatan Month 18 Roundup


Farmer's Fridge needs to come to Roatan. I would pay WAY more than 8 bucks to get a decent salad on this island.
BONUS: the second-coolest thing I've found on the internet this month is my new guest post over at PADI's blog: 5 Myths About Life as a Dive Instructor in Paradise! Shameless self-promo, but I think it's a pretty solid article, and I really do get asked that stuff every damn day. [Edit: PADI later pulled this article due to 'complaints'. Sorry. You can find it re-posted on my blog instead here.]
See you soon!
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