Roatan Month 17 Roundup

Posted on the 14 January 2014 by Cubiclethrowdown

Seventeen months! Did you know that's how long killer whales gestate for?
Me neither. But I googled "seventeen months" and that's what the internet says. The more you know...
Speaking of killer whales, holy Blackfish. This is some seriously sad business. If you like to visit aquariums, you should watch that movie. Also, someone sent me this video of Kuroshiro Sea tank with good intentions, but literally the first three seconds had me in tears. If you watch this and you think, "wow, what beautiful majestic sea creatures", please watch Blackfish at the link above. When I watch the Kuroshiro video, I see sea creatures swimming aimless circles in a bathtub. They do not belong in captivity. This is how sea creatures are meant to be viewed. You go to them. They do not come to you and live out their days in a shitty tank for your convenience.
/end rant.
You can always see all my monthly roundups by clicking on the 'roundup' tag below... but here they all are in order: Month 16Month 15, Month 14, Month 13, Month 12, Month 11, Month 10, Month 9, Month 8, Month 7, Month 6, Month 5, Month 4, Month 3, Month 2 and finally little old Month 1. Sometimes when you type 'month' that many times it looks really weird.
In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been around here much lately. I could tell you why, but the charming Alex from Alex in Wanderland has already gone inside my head and written a beautiful and honest post about it so just read hers instead for now. I'll be back soon.
Roundup time!
1. Gratuitous diving photo:
Part of some big changes at work lately have left me out of the water. I'm digging deep for some diving photos I haven't shared yet... either this section of the roundup is going to change, or I'm going to have to figure out a way to go diving more often!

Roatan Month 17 Roundup

i'm in the front... thanks capt. veroba for the great shot.

2. Posts from the last month:
I've failed miserably on my 'be a more active blogger' resolution. Dang.
3. The coolest thing I found on the internet this month:
This kid who is seriously just so rad for not only being such a competent and calm diver at age 13, but also has the skills and fearless attitude to let cleaner shrimp into his mouth on a dive!! I let them give me manicures sometimes, but I've never let them in my mouth. This wins for hilariousness and awesomeness and I'm giving that little dude an internet high five.

Roatan Month 17 Roundup


Adios, month seventeen.

Guys, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter ... there's lots of extras posted there that don't make it onto the blog. (I also have Google+ if anyone even uses that?) Plus it makes me brave enough to let cleaner shrimp clean my teeth. So there's that.

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