Road to Recovery: Spread Kindness

Posted on the 24 April 2015 by Krickeyb

Sometimes, we need subtle reminders that good people still exist. What better way to encourage positive vibes than to be exposed to people with amazing intentions? During my experience so far, I have been reminded of both good and bad people.

Faithful Elephant Tip #1: Be ready for individuals in your life to reveal their true character and feelings when in a high pressure situation (one like I have experienced). If you are battling something heavy and need support, I want to warn you that not every person you expect to come to your side will, in fact, be there for you.

Alright, I realize that tip could come off pessimistic, but I do not mean for it to. I am a very optimistic person. I just learned that some people are incredibly selfish or have no interest in “being there.” That is okay! The optimist in me just laughs and says, “Yay, one less thank you card to write.” (Just kidding, lol). ;)

I want you all to remember that my blog is about positivity and steering away from the people who could be considered “toxic” while on the road to recovery. Before this post ends, you will read a small, yet amazing story about someone who lifted my spirits in a way that gave me chills, had me in tears (happy ones), and reminded me that there are so many amazing people in this world that truly want to do good. If we could all take a second to find it in our hearts to do some good in this world, however you deem necessary, well wouldn’t the world be one hell of a place to live?

It is understandable that not every day is wonderful. I, of all people, understand that these days. I find that on days when I am not in the right mindset to be peppy or pleasant, I seclude myself until I am ready to be the person I am normally. My word choices here (like seclude) sound daunting. Understand that I am not suggesting you lock yourself in a tower for a knight to come save you when your mood changes. What I mean is to take time to assess the current state of your body and determine why your mood is negative.

When in this situation myself, I typically write down what is bothering me on a piece of paper, read it aloud, then take a few deep breaths. Finally, I crumble the paper and throw it away. I want the negativity out of my system. I feel it is important to acknowledge the fact that I am in an unpleasant mood, but that is all I should do.

Faithful Elephant Tip #2: Acknowledge what is negative in your life, then let it be. Leave it behind you and move forward.

You have five minutes to wallow in the delicious misery. Enjoy it, embrace it, discard …and proceed. – Claire from the movie Elizabethtown

My goal during the Road to Recovery series of my blog is not to encourage you all to smile every second of the day, not have pessimistic thoughts, and pay it forward on a regular basis. Ideally, yeah… that would be great if we all could smile, be optimistic all day long, and pay it forward regularly. Realistically, that is unlikely and for some people, a long shot. I get it. Trust me.

I blog about positivity to inspire you to push through during the rough times, inspire myself to remain optimistic while in recovery, and to put a smile on your face! I love helping others. It is something that has always fulfilled me in life. So, to restore faith in humanity (and bring a smile to your face), I will FINALLY share the story I mentioned earlier!

Yesterday afternoon, my dad handed me a package that came from Vermont and had stamps reading “Fragile.” I just woke up from a nap, so I had that crabby attitude we sometimes get. Rudely, I said, “I don’t know anyone from Vermont, Daddy. Should I be scared to open this?” My father, being the saint that he is, opened it up for me and was practically speechless (my dad rarely stops talking, so I knew it was something good).

He handed it to me and said, “Wow, this is awesome.” I see what looks like a journal, a card with an inspiring quote, a letter, and a beautiful drawing of an elephant with the words, “You are unbreakable, Kristin,” written at the top. Before reading the letter, I examined the gifts and tried to figure out who knew me well enough to know my mantra, my love for elephants, and my obsession with journals. I couldn’t figure it out without reading the letter, so I knew it was time to give up the guessing game.

I do not want to share the entire note with you all because it is very special to me and I would like to keep it for myself to enjoy. However, I do want to share one part that perfectly describes what I want my blog to do for each of you out there who choose to read my stories. “After reading your blog, I feel a lot more than sorrow for you. I feel inspired and in awe of your amazingly positive outlook!” Wow. That is all I can say. This truly incredible person (who I will call Allie) hit the nail on the head. I want each of you to feel inspired by my positivity, certainly not annoyed or pressured by it.

“Allie,” who sent this package of happiness, met me one time and is connected with my family. She had no obligation to send me this, but I am sure glad she did. Gestures like these remind me of how wonderful the human species really is. We have the ability to spread emotions on so many different levels. In this case, “Allie” sent me a package, shared her thoughts and emotions with me, and was able to transform my mood from crabby to happier than I have felt in a long time. How amazing is that?

I want this story to inspire you all. Reach out to someone who needs it emotionally. We hear tragic stories on a regular basis of people who felt invisible, didn’t feel cared for or loved in any way. Together we can change lives by simply being there for each other. Send a letter, pick up the phone, write an email, or buy the meal for the person behind you in line. If you have the means, I plead that you to take the time to be the reason someone smiles today.

“Allie,” if you are reading this… thank you. I know you said that I have inspired you, but your random act of kindness and care for me inspired me to do the same to others. You have inspired me to share this story on my blog. Although I do not have millions of followers, I do hope this story makes its way around. You are a wonderful person.

Faithful Elephant Tip #3: Be the reason someone smiles, today, tomorrow, and everyday.



Road to Recovery: Spread Kindness

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