Road to Recovery: My New Mantra

Posted on the 16 April 2015 by Krickeyb

During my time in the rehab facility, I was introduced to an AMAZING woman who was my integrative medicine nurse. She was a firm believer in the holistic approach to medicine and Buddhism. So, she followed mind-body medicine practices. I will blog separately about integrative medicine in a few weeks, though. Today, I wanted to focus on my new mantra that has been helping me on my road to recovery.

A mantra can be described as a word or sequence of words that are chanted to aid concentration in meditation (or in my case, concentration with every aspect to my recovery). Mantras are considered to be a Buddhist practice, which is why I wanted to mention my integrative medicine nurse. Her belief in Buddhism encouraged me to research that approach to life.

Growing up, I have heard to word “mantra” and had an idea of the definition, but I never truly understood it and its purpose. After researching, I learned that mantras were Buddhist, can evoke enlightenment, aid meditation, and even protect against evil and misfortune. Personally, I wanted to incorporate mantras into my life to evoke enlightenment and aid meditation. However, I was not opposed to my mantra protecting me against evil and misfortune.

Aside from the reasons listed above, why am I incorporating mantras into my life? Well, imagine waking up in the morning to see that the entire situation, that felt like a dream, was NOT a dream. Some mornings I wake up and think to myself, “This actually happened. I have to learn to walk again. I can’t go hiking when I feel like it. I can’t work right now. I had to withdraw from graduate school. This actually happened.” Then, I cry and feel like I am going to be like this forever. I call that my occasional breakdown.

Everyday is not going to be easy. I know that. Breakdowns like the one I described above are expected. In my life, though, I thrive off of positive thoughts and support. To keep my breakdowns to a minimum, I knew that I needed to utilize what I learned from my integrative medicine nurse. That is why I decided to have a mantra. This mantra would accompany my breathing techniques and positive imagery. I just needed to find a mantra that fit me. I wanted to steer clear from the typical “Om.” I wanted my own word.

Last week, my amazing Aunt Tara texted me about this website where you can purchase jewelry with words of encouragement engraved in them. For example, you can get a ring that has the word “restless” engraved on it. She found a ring with a word that fit me (and my current situation) perfectly. That word was “Unbreakable.” Immediately, I knew that word would be my new word for encouragement throughout my road to recovery, my new hashtag for posts (Do not judge me, I have to share my road to recovery on social media, too), and my new mantra.


This phrase has been so motivational for me. I plan to utilize this mantra as often as possible. I am so happy to share this with each of you. Although this experience has been mentally, physically, and emotionally draining for me, I want to use every bit of what I learn from this to help others.

My suggestion to those going through a tough time is to find a word or sequence of words that motivates, calms, or inspires you. Use those words as your mantra. When you feel low or need encouragement, chant that word to yourself repetitively. My mantra, “You are Unbreakable,” has encouraged me to stay strong and positive while on the road to recovery. That does not mean there are no longer tough days, though. Every single day is a battle. That mantra helps me to overcome each passing day.

I pray that you all find the mantra that helps you through whatever you are battling. I am thankful for my experience because it is only making me stronger. I am unbreakable.

Thank you for reading today’s post! Please comment below or contact me if you would like to talk about something you are battling, if you need advice for a mantra, or if you simply would like to talk! I’d love to hear your thoughts. I am all ears!



*Readers who follow the Buddhist practices, please forgive me if I am incorrect or come off offensive in any way. That is not my intention, because I have little to no knowledge of the Buddhist approach. If you can recommend any blogs or reading material that can provide me with the necessary information to improve this post, that would be great!*

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Road to Recovery: My New Mantra

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