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Rivarola Becomes Universidad De Chile Advisor

By Simplyfutb01 @simplyjuan11

Rivarola Becomes Universidad De Chile AdvisorUniversidad de Chile officially presented their new advisor, Diego Rivarola. The legendary player will come in to help the squad improve from a strategic as well as tactical perspetive in their effort to continue

“I am very happy to be looked at as a person that can help this club grow,” said Rivarola in his presentation. “I think it is a great chance for players to be considered for roles at clubs outside of being coaches and youth developers. We can help better prepare and have someone they can relate to in better fashion.”

The U de Chile idol retired last year after a career that saw him wear the blue jersey over 265 times and score 98 goals during three stint at the Santiago-based club. The current Azul Azul administration decided to keep him in a vital role within the institution despite the divisions that there were initially.

Rivarola’s role will allow him to represent the club within the ANFP as well as oversee the as well as represent the club in the recruitment and reinforcement of the club both domestically as well as abroad.

Rivarola also becomes the face of teh club as he will attend clinics, conferences and motivational speaking.

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