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Ritter Sport 73% Fine Extra Dark Chocolate

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Ritter sport fine extra dark chocolate
After all the gluten free goodness of Coeliac Awareness week I thought I'd start this week with a good old chocolate review...what else?!
I'm a huge fan of Ritter Sport chocolate, even though it's hard to source some of the more interesting bars from the range here in the UK. Lidl is the best supplier; they do huge Ritter Sport slabs at a very reasonable price (I'd highly recommend the Praline bar!), but some of the smaller bars are a bit harder to find. By chance, I spotted a load of them in Heron Foods, a discount frozen food store, and they were on offer of two for a pound. This is a ridiculous bargain, so naturally I snapped up a load! One that I'd never heard of before was this 73% Fine Dark bar "with fine cocoa from Ecuador". I do love me some fine dark chocolate so I was excited to try it! 
Fitter sport fine extra dark chocolate
The blocks on this one are very interesting, they're a lot smaller and quite pointy compared to the blocks on an average Ritter sport bar, which somehow makes it feel even more special. I guess they're made to be eaten in a smaller amount since this is finer quality dark chocolate.
Ritter sport fine extra dark chocolate
The chocolate tasted very rich indeed, with a woody sort of flavor that you'd expect from better quality chocolate. It was certainly nicer than some other 70% cocoa chocolates I've eaten. It felt a lot more satisfying than a regular bar and as such I didn't want to eat the whole thing at once, I just nibbled on it through the day. 
Overall, this is a good new bar from Ritter Sport, I'm not sure where you can buy them now, I've only seen them in Wh Smiths briefly but they disappeared from there quite fast. If anyone has tried or spotted these, please do let me know! 
8 out of 10.

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