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Ripple Music's RIPPLEFEST WINTER 2020 Performances from Howling Giant, Horseburner and Jakethehawk Now Available on Youtube!

Posted on the 19 January 2021 by Ripplemusic
Ripple Music's RIPPLEFEST WINTER 2020 performances from Howling Giant, Horseburner and Jakethehawk now available on Youtube! Ripple Music's RIPPLEFEST WINTER 2020 performances from Howling Giant, Horseburner and Jakethehawk now available on Youtube!Californian label Ripple Music had the pleasure of hosting the Ripplefest Winter 2020 event back on December 18th, with Ripple protégés Horseburner, Jakethehawk and Howling Giant. Watch all three performances now on Youtube!

A magical evening, three bands that yearn for the golden days of live touring find themselves in a cyberscape of infinite possibility... On December 18th, Howling Giant, Horseburner and Jakethehawk engaged on a virtual bacchanal to rekindle the riff and stoke the fires of friendship in a live experience unparalleled in the digital age. This first edition of RIPPLEFEST VIRTUAL gathered masses of heavy riff addicts across the globe, a perfect way to let loose and warm up before the winter break.

Clocking in at one hour each, all three live performances are now available for viewing on Ripple Music's Youtube channel. So sit tight, turn off your phone and enjoy this riff-crazy video stream as you will!

📺Watch Ripplefest Winter 2020 performances in full 📺


With over 1,000 fans attending RippleFests in Europe, the UK, and USA, RIPPLE MUSIC intends to keep rocking in the free world and deliver the finest heavy music and some exciting rock'n'roll performances to fans across the globe. Known and revered worldwide for unearthing the finest bands in heavy rock, stoner, doom, 70s rock and metal since 2010, the Californian label is home to Scott "Wino" Weinrich, Tony Reed, Poobah, Wo Fat, Colour Haze and many more.

HOWLING GIANT - Born out of some space fuzz chamber and dropped down on Nashville, Tennessee, Howling Giant’s form of metal is a unique and eclectic fairy tale trip through the stars. Find them on Facebook | Bandcamp

HORSEBURNER - Mountain-melting stoner metal from Parkersburg, USA. Stoner metal. Sludge. Doom. Call it what you will, Parkersburg, West Virginia's Horseburner creates riff-heavy rock n' roll to shake your insides. Find them on Facebook | Bandcamp

JAKETHEHAWK - Formed in 2016, Jakethehawk has always sought to synthesize the classic, riff-centric sound of proto-metal’s pioneers with the textures of psychedelic rock and progressive rock. Additionally, heavy influence is drawn from the band’s home turf... both from the the lush, wooded river valley and from the rich tradition of folk music that still blossoms here. Find them on Facebook | Bandcamp



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