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Ripped off Robot Cartons – Space Thunder Kids: The Pairing (or Quiet Boy Do You Want Us to Get Sued?)

By Bolanrox

Imagine, if you will, a TV series that not only managed to rip off EVERY robot themed Japanimation show you can think of, (badly) but ripped of itself more than Michael Bay ever managed to recycle his past works.

That’s Space Thunder Kids in a nut shell. Grab a little Voltron, a little Transformers, Iron Man perhaps, maybe so Silver hawks for good measure. The animation seems old and worn out, cannot put my finger on what I reminds me of. Dirty old, and low budget, that is for sure.


This happens to be a Korean work dubbed and remade remodeled for the US markets. How it is not a North Korean idea though I do not know.. this is so something Kim Jong would have made someone make. Put it as a feature point in one of those abandoned theme parks he has laying about.

Seriously I have no idea how copy write suits go overseas but how did this happen. What, since most of the shows were made to sell toys and anyone watching this miss mash of crap (seriously Voltron is riding Flash Gordon’s Thunder Cycle at some point) will want to buy one of the many toys they are ripping off, they turn a blind eye? Really everything about it makes me think of some other show I have seen at some point. It’s a pop culture Cuisinart. They even have TRON discs on their backs wow the more you watch the more you see. This would probably a good drinking game in here: drink every time you see a blatant rip-off… Or at least a damn short one.

Supposedly this series director is the king of recycling props costumes, scenes, etc.. Makes me wonder if any of this is original ripped off material or if all of it was cut and pasted for other works?

Makes me miss Katz and Zero Wing…


OK not really

What better to go with a rip off movie, but the begging for a (or did they actually get sued) lawsuit beer: RoboHop.


Ripped off Robot Cartons – Space Thunder Kids: The Pairing (or quiet boy do you want us to get sued?)

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