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Ring Neck Dove

By Nancymccarroll
Rather a good shot of a dove in our yard this week, don't you think? 
Ring Neck Dove
Gene says it is of the invasive species brought in from Africa and Asia; it is called a ring necked dove. In Colorado, Fish and Game says there is no limit to hunting doves, but
TO HUNT EURASIAN COLLARED-DOVES, and other invasive species, you must have a hunter education card.

They also have a gentle nature, and are often kept as pets, so I will just look at them and listen to their cooing.  No dove hunting for me!

Look what else is emerging from under cottonwood leaves packed down by the snow over the winter:

Ring Neck Dove Hollyhocks
Ring Neck DovePenstemonRing Neck DoveChivesRing Neck DoveDaisies

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