Rika in Roatan Will Now Be Rika in Russia!

Posted on the 01 April 2014 by Cubiclethrowdown

Well guys, I had such a huge response to my last post about trying to decide if I should stay on Roatan or not that it helped push me out of a rut and onto my next adventure:
I'm moving in two weeks to the tiny Russian town of Kashin to work on a farm in exchange for room & board! I'll be mucking out stalls, planting seeds, threshing, helping take care of the animals and also teaching the farm owner's kids elementary school math at night. No electricity, no internet, no TV...should be a nice 'un-plug' from the real world. I can't wait to learn about Russian culture, and the language!!Rika in Roatan will now be Rika in Russia!

So, to anyone who believed that, welcome to my blog. I'm Rika and I would never, ever move to Russia to work on a farm, or teach kids my least favorite subject :) To everyone else, April Fools!!
On a more serious note, THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my last post. I was totally overwhelmed with the amount of feedback and support that I received on here and my social media networks, and I will be getting back to you all personally as soon as I can. Is it weird to tell you guys I was almost in tears over some of them? What an incredible community I've been so lucky to be a part of the last two years. I really had no idea that many people would reach out and offer suggestions and kind words and it was much appreciated. I've made a decision, and will be letting you all know very soon what you can expect next on Cubicle Throwdown.
Did you play any April Fools tricks this year?

Guys, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter ... there's lots of extras posted there that don't make it onto the blog. (I also have Google+ if anyone even uses that?) Plus it makes me think of a better prank for next year...I think this one was a little easy. So there's that.

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