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Right-Wing Predictions (That Were Wrong)

Posted on the 05 November 2013 by Jobsanger
Right-Wing Predictions (That Were Wrong) Conservatives never want change. They are afraid of it -- convinced that if government does anything to make society or the economy a bit fairer and more equal, disaster must surely follow. Of course, they are always wrong. The only thing that happens is that society and the economy becomes a bit fairer and more equality is realized -- and that is not a bad thing.
We must always continue to make our country a better place -- regardless of what the right-wing doomsayers predict will happen. They just don't want to have to give up (or even share) any of their privileged position. We must never forget that those in power have never willingly given up any of that power -- not even a tiny bit. Equality, fairness, and justice must be demanded, and even fought for, or it will never come.

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