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Riding Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide

By Gfl

It doesn’t matter if you have many acres of lawn or small area with grass, you will need a mower that can do its job with ease. So what is that you need to have your mower to do your job easily? In this guide, we will try to define all the features you need to look for while buying a mower.

Sometimes it is not just the amount you spend rather the features based on your requirements that makes mowing easy and fun. What to look for while buying riding lawn mower? Before you decide to buy a mower you must consider different options and features that are useful to you and your landscape. Do not spend money on any features that do not need. In the sections below we will let you know what features you should consider while buying best riding lawn mower for your use.

Transmission mode for Riding Mower

There are three different modes of transmission you can find in any riding mower. The transmission features are important aspects to consider for different types of user.

The first one is the manual transmission mode where you can select a different range of speed. You can look for a mower that will let you shift up or down without the use of a clutch or without stopping.

The second one is automatic transmission. This works much like an automatic car. You have gas pedal as your speed controller and the transmission will be automatic for your ease. These kinds of mower are useful when you are required to slow down often while working around obstacles.

The last one is hydrostatic transmission which works similar to an automatic transmission with the exception of using fluid instead of belts to transfer power from the machine to the wheels of the mower. The advantage of using this transmission mode is that it needs less maintenance, gives you a smoother ride and is durable.

Grass Clipping handling

This is another feature you need to consider and research before you make an actual investment. It is the mechanism of handling the grass that has been chopped and there are three different ways riding mower handles this.

Side discharge mowers are the ones that drop your clipping back onto the lawn. These mowers are useful when your lawn has long grass. One drawback of using this kind of mower is that you need to destroy the clippings and dispose of them yourself.

Bagger-capable mowers have the capability to collect the clipping in an optional bag that you can buy separately. With this feature, you can keep your lawn clean and limit the spread of weed seeds. This can also be a right choice in the winter to clear the leaves from your lawn.

Mulching-capable mowers are useful if you are willing to use the clippings from your lawn as mulch that adds nutrients to the soil. You need to be a regular mower and grass in the lawn must be kept short to mulching work better. Some mowers have mulching in-built in them while some may require an additional mulcher.

Additional features and options for driving mower

Let us see more features and options that must be considered important while buying a new mower. You will be able to make your choice based on the recommendations made in this section.


When you go check engine you must review its power, displacement, and torque so that you can make the right choice of a mower. Engine power is the measurement of a power output of the engine that can be shared among other components also It is measured in Horsepower (HP). Engine displacement can be defined as the size of the cylinder in the engine and is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). A higher displacement measure means more powerful engine. Engine Torque is the force which keeps the mower blade spinning. The measurement of torque is done in foot-pounds (ft-lbs). You can get better cut with higher torque.

Cruise Control

This is the capability available in automatic and hydrostatic transmission where you can keep using mower at one speed for a long time while mowing in straight stretches.

Cut width and blade number

Cut width defines the width of grass that mower can cut in a single pass. This depends on the blade number and a mower with more than 2-3 blades are effective. Apart from the features mentioned above, there are some other important features like deck wheels that is useful in mowing uphill on any uneven terrain. You can consider features like speed, turning radius and other comfort features while you decide to buy a new mower.

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