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Rickie Fowler & RedBull - Off Course

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
Rickie Fowler & RedBull - Off Course
Rickie Fowler and RedBull are at it again as they hit the streets yesterday in downtown Dallas for a one of a kind golf challenge they call RedBull Off Course.  Here's the video and more on the story as told by

Playing a round of golf is always enjoyable, but we all know there’s nothing like teeing up on top of a building and cranking one off into the urban landscape. Not that we’ve done that. PGA Tour star Rickie Fowler has, though -- as part of Red Bull Off Course in downtown Dallas (see video above), Fowler and fellow pro golfer Colt Knost went head-to-head to see who could get closest to the pin on a custom-built, Texas-shaped green in Victory Plaza.
With gusting Dallas winds, blind shots and partial sight lines to navigate, the two contestants strolled out to the sidewalk and warmed up with an 80-yard lob wedge, followed by a 115-yard gap wedge from across the street and onto the AT&T Plaza green. Fowler started off slowly in these practice rounds, while Knost consistently landed on the green.
Then the two players jumped into a golf cart and drove around the block to an adjacent third-floor parking structure for the main round. From there, they attempted blind shots from 140+ yards that had to fly over a six-story building or be sliced left-to-right to land softly on the Victory Plaza green.
Fowler and Knost each hit 14 shots in the finale, starting off slowly until they honed in on the target. With the winds causing havoc, Knost was able to land around the nearby bunkers consistently, but couldn’t hit the green. He also hit a few balls onto the nearby rooftops that were never seen again.
On Fowler’s fourth attempt he nailed the green, causing a roar from the crowd. On his sixth shot he landed 30 inches from the hole, which proved to be tough to beat, crowning Fowler as Red Bull Off Course champion, red jacket and all.
"I have done some crazy stuff with Red Bull, but this is by far the craziest,” said Fowler. “I got some good wedge practice in today. I won't see a harder shot in the tourney this week at Colonial. “
The event served as a warm-up to sharpen Fowler’s and Knost’s games as they prepare to play the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial Country Club.

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