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#Richard100 Rides Again

By Richardl @richardlittleda

This time its for Tommy’s

Click, click, click, tap – just like that it was done. A few clicks later and I was registered for my place in the Prudential Ride London cycle-ride along the 100 mile Olympic route from Olympic Park out to the Surrey Hills and back to London again. All being well, I shall pedal up the Mall some time on the afternoon of August 2nd. I am looking forward to it – my memories of Nightrider 2013 are still with me, and I am ready for the challenge. It will be hard work, of course. I am expecting to see a lot of the view below over the next 100 days. I am anticipating sore knees, a stiff back, and a cyclist’s behind! The thing is, we all put up with discomfort for the sake of the things we love, and we rarely expect gain without a degree of pain.

What happens, though, when the pain brings no gain? What happens, for instance, when all the months of discomfort and weariness associated with pregnancy fail to produce the exultant joy of childbirth? It happens too, too often. Parents who have made changes, bought buggies, decorated nurseries and held their breath for far longer than my 100 days (280, on average) find that the moment never comes. The sadness of a pregnancy which fails to go full term and the numbing grief of a still birth defy description. And yet it happens far too often. 4000 babies are stillborn in the UK every year, many without explanation.

Tommy’s, for whom I am cycling, are committed to funding research into still birth, early miscarriage and premature births. Not only that, but they provide all manner of support for parents affected by this issue. When the months of anticipation turn into something very different, Tommy’s are there -offering support, advice and a cast-iron commitment to reducing the number of times this happens.

Last time #Richard100 made an outing, I was able to raise an amazing £3000 through the generosity of my lovely sponsors. Could you help me this time, I wonder? Please click here to sponsor #Richard100.

Thank you.


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