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Richard Sherman, Football v. Hockey, and Use of the Word “Thug”

Posted on the 24 January 2014 by Eastofmidnight

I have been debating writing about the whole Richard Sherman kerfluffle, mainly because 1)I have never liked post-game interviews before the players have had a chance to come down from the game itself (these interviews are inane to me); and 2)I didn’t have a problem with how Richard Sherman acted.

So, since I’m trying to process the reaction to what happened on Sunday, I’m going to ask questions that I think this situation raises.

1. If the person who interviewed Richard Sherman had been male (of any race) or a black female, would this have been a kerfluffle at all? In other words, how much of this situation is really just an unconscious playing into the anxiety of seeing a “big, black man” being passionate anywhere near a white woman?

2. How much is class bias playing into this? If this had happened after a hockey game, would the reaction have been the same?

3. Why is Richard Sherman being called a “thug”? What action did he take that was thuggish? Or does his being a young, black male automatically make him a thug?

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