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RichAds Review 2021– Complete Analysis And High Performing AdNetwork Platform

Posted on the 20 October 2021 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Offers come and go, networks may shut down at any time, and traffic sources can deteriorate practically overnight. As a consequence, an affiliate's primary focus is often on identifying dependable, high-quality, high-converting traffic sources that consistently provide results. However, with so many competing traffic sources, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

It's tough to determine which traffic sources have already disclosed their secrets and which may be used to uncover untapped markets and hidden riches.

Whether you have the ideal offer and pre-lander ready to go or not, failing to secure this cornerstone may cost you dearly.

Purchasing traffic that does not convert or is targeted at an audience that has little to no interest in your offer may jeopardize your efforts significantly.

To assist readers in avoiding these expensive errors, we're going to take a look at one of the most effective traffic sources available - RichAds.

RichAds Review 2021– Complete Analysis And High Performing AdNetwork Platform

The RichAds platform is gradually making its way toward being one of the top advertising platforms. This is because this advertising network maximizes marketing efforts by delivering a huge audience volume of four billion impressions from over two hundred countries.

It is without a doubt one of the industry's largest audience bases today. The greatest aspect is that RichAds is a performance advertising platform that is focused on both their own and their customers' development. Additionally, publishers get many advantages, like high fill rates, appropriate advertising, quick payments, and 24/7 support.

RichAds was founded in 2020 as a result of the merger of two previously successful ad networks - RichPush and RichPops. However, the RichAds crew goes back to 2013, when they were the brains of, a white-label DSP.

Affiliates, publishers, marketers, and agencies may use this performance marketing platform. The goal of combining the different ad platforms into RichAds was to satisfy the requirements of marketers that wanted to run several advertising formats concurrently without investing in multiple platforms.

This resulted in the modern and intuitive RichAds interface that makes campaign monitoring, control, and optimization as simple as taking a walk in the park.

How To Create A Campaign For Advertisers?

The procedure of creating a campaign is simple on our platform. It's simple since you're not left to fend for yourself. All you need to do is create an account on the site by entering your basic information.

A member of RichAds ' dedicated support staff will then contact you to assist you with your campaign strategy. Although the site is self-service (until you reach the King account level), your account manager is available to assist you.

When you're ready to launch your campaign, click the Start Campaign button to be taken to a visually appealing screen with a variety of basic and sophisticated targeting choices.

You may rename your campaign to assist you in easily identifying it afterward. Once your campaign is established, you will see all of the required data on your dashboard.

Following that, you'll be able to enter your campaign's title, target URL, and message. Then you may submit the symbol and unique picture for your advertisement.

If you're just getting started with your first campaign, you may include up to 10 creatives. You may also use the auto-generator to generate ideas. Ascertain that your creatives adhere to RichAds' standards.

Then, to enable postback tracking, enter your postback URL. Additionally, provide the conversion type. Postback tracking is used to enable RichAds' sophisticated optimization and bidding capabilities to boost your conversion rate and optimize ad performance.

To get the tracking URL, choose your favorite tracker from a list of the platform's most popular trackers and copy the link. RichAds integrates with a number of the most popular trackers. Finally, choose your targeted parameters, beginning with GEOs and Device Types.

RichAds Review 2021– Complete Analysis And High Performing AdNetwork Platform

Major Features And Benefits Of RichAds

Ensure that your data and apps communicate with one another.

Begin advertising on the Premium sources that have the greatest conversion combined. Increase your scale by using more groupings of suppliers.

Allow machine learning algorithms to maximize conversions while staying within your CPA budget. Simultaneously, reduce your cost per click and save money on marketing.

Target your audience more intelligently with 17 targeting choices, including device model and operating system, user behavior, connection type, carrier, and IP address.

Ensure that your campaigns are optimized for optimum effectiveness and accuracy. Customize bids for the publisher, location, operating system, and device characteristics and treat them differently inside the same campaign.

Increase your control. Automate actions (blacklist or whitelist, raise or reduce bids, halt) based on the success of your campaigns, subscriber lists, creatives, or other criteria.

How To Begin Using RichAds

As I did, you may begin by following the instructions below.

Step - 1: Creating a free account, which requires visiting their site and following a few easy steps; after that, you must make your initial deposit. Choosing an advertisement format. Additionally, you may grow your advertising by importing campaigns from other ad networks such as PropellerAds or Zeropark.

Step - 2: The second stage is to meet with their advertising specialist and discuss the strategy, needs, and so on. Their staff can offer you whitelists, which include the highest-performing sources for your advertisements.

Step - 3: Launch the campaign and wait for the first results to collect data about your campaign.

Step - 4: Observing and evaluating received data, as well as investigating the sources that are most effective for you.

Step - 5: Finally, grow your campaign with the most effective sources and reach your campaign objective.

RichAds Pricing

RichAds - and by extension RichPush, RichNative, and RichPops - offers a relatively low entrance barrier, requiring just a $ 100 investment.

This gives you access to all of the platform's standard features, as well as expert assistance from the platform's team with whitelists, creatives, organizing bespoke guidelines, optimization suggestions, and business-specific statistics.

Payments may be made using a credit or debit card, WebMoney, a wire transfer, or Paxum, with more payment options expected shortly.

Additionally, there is a $ 25 daily charge barrier that you should include in your budget calculations.

Experience At RichAds

RichAds Review 2021– Complete Analysis And High Performing AdNetwork Platform

During the RichAds registration process, you are asked to provide a message service via which you may be contacted.

Following registration, you will get an email from a representative inquiring about the kind of advertisements you want to run. They will assist you in setting up your first campaigns and will walk you through the site's features first.

This is advantageous since RichAds does not provide basic lessons on its Insights page. Although the absence of advice may be frightening to first-time users, there is no need to be concerned. While the representative and live chat features may be required to get started, once you're up and running, the website is straightforward to use.

After you launch your campaign, RichAds will provide suggestions on how to best target vertical segments of the market, based on the most successful advertisements in the past.

If you're having trouble coming up with fresh creatives to fuel new campaigns, you may utilize the auto generator to help you out. Once your campaigns have begun to perform, utilize the provided statistical metrics to determine the best course of action.

Veterans in the industry will find the site simple to browse. The choices you may build into your campaigns offer a great degree of flexibility, and automation enables you to handle more tasks without feeling the strain of multitasking. When you return, RichAds provides a plethora of data to help you evaluate performance.

Professionals who make use of the wide variety of tools available will also get access to additional account features. Everyone begins as a rookie, but with continued campaigning, your account may ultimately be promoted to Professional or King. These incentives enable you to further customize and optimize your campaigns or provide you with a dedicated creative team or Ad Expert.

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RichAds Pros

  • Effective support team
  • Provides additional reporting information such as win rate
  • Great performance
  • Simple, fast, and intuitive UI
  • Premium direct sources and publishers
  • Large volume from over 200 countries
  • Beneficial product features

RichAds Cons

  • Blocking sources must be done within the campaign and cannot be done on the reporting tab
  • You can't create push campaigns for multiple GEOs at a time

Conclusion | RichAds Review 2021

Is RichAds a legitimate company? RichAds is a legitimate advertising network that assists its clients in growing their companies.

Advertisers can simply maximize their reach and conversions by using the platform's huge audience and effective platform capabilities such as advanced targeting, automated rules, micro bidding, and API connection.

On the other hand, publishers benefit from strong fill rates and a large volume of advertisements related to their sources. Anyone who registers as an advertiser or publisher on RichAds is guaranteed to get the greatest results as long as the platform's capabilities are properly used. And fortunately, the support staff is capable of guiding you through any problems you may encounter and ensuring your success.

Is RichAds a secure service? Although RichAds was established lately via the merger of its daughter ad networks, there are strong indications that this ad network is completely secure for its customers and will continue to expand.

FAQs Do they enable API?

Yes, RichAds allows you to manage your campaigns via an API. Contact your personal manager or support to configure this feature.

How long will my campaign be moderated?

RichAds is moderated 24 hours a day. Campaigns are approved by moderators in a maximum of five minutes.

Is there a client loyalty program?

RichAds advertiser tiers include Rookie, Professional, and King (the most premium one). The level is determined by your advertising expenditures or the amount of your investment. The RichClub Loyalty program enables members to study, use sophisticated optimization tools, attend famous events worldwide, and purchase goods using their accumulated points.

What payment methods are available?

A deposit may be made via Webmoney, a wire transfer, a bank card, e-pay, or Paxum.

How much of a deposit is required?

All RichAds customers must make a minimum deposit of $100. (push, popunder, and native ad campaigns).

How much traffic does your advertising network generate?

You may start ad campaigns on the RichAds network utilizing push, pop (popunder), or native traffic.

Apart from standard push notifications, you may use in-page push notifications to create advertising campaigns. They may be delivered to iOS users, unlike standard push alerts.

You may run click2call, click2sms, and click2email offers on the RichAds network.

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