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Rich Cheapasses!!

By Blairbarnes

Let me preface this by letting you know I work lunch in the Financial District in San Francisco, our restaurant caters to “business lunches” for the large financial firms, law firms, and tech companies in the area. Many of our guests are high net worth individuals and recently I have been having the worst luck with them! I should literally take research on this subject because I see so many of the “elite” credit cards on a daily basis. ie: Black American Express, Black Visa Card, Palladium Card by JP Morgan… Based on the amount of these guests I serve on a daily basis I believe I have the right to generalize a little bit…these people are sub par tippers!!! Today for example I had a nice gentleman with his assistant for lunch, they had a perfect experience, no long wait for anything, perfect menu descriptions and suggestions. I can literally not think of one thing I lagged on or didn’t deliver to them exactly as ordered. The bill came and the gentleman paid and out pops his JP Morgan Palladium card. Folks, this card is no joke you have to have like 20 million in managed assets or something, needless to say you are RICH….VERY VERY RICH! The bill was something like 70.00 and guess what my tip was….10.00! I am so confused, if these people have such an excess of money (which I get they work very hard for) why not toss the waitress 20%, I’m not expecting more than 20% just because they are rich but 20% is four extra dollars, what gives!?

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