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RHOA Kenya Moore Husband Marc Daly Is Everything She Prayed For!

By Firstladyb
RHOA Kenya Moore Husband Marc Daly Is Everything She Prayed For!
Kenya Moore, shared on Sunday night’s episode of the RHOA that her husband, Marc Daly is everything she prayed for.
During a scene at the park, Kenya opened up to Cynthia Bailey about what it took to get to where she is today.

“I’m in a totally different space, because I worked on myself, Kenya shared.

“Honestly, I got my husband.”

“He’s everything that I prayed for.”

But then in another scene, Kenya is playing with her wedding dress and veil as she shares with viewers that it’s hard not having her husband in the same city as her.

“His businesses are in New York, my businesses are in Atlanta, and until we figure it out, this is just how it is.”

Her phone rings, and it’s her friend Brandon, who Kenya basically tells that things have not been easy for the couple since returning from their wedding in St. Lucia.

“We got all these people online, it’s become public fodder,” Kenya shares with Brandon.

‘He did not sign up for the crazy, he signed up for me,’ Kenya continued.

Brandon gave Kenya the BEST advice ever, “Cut out the noise!”

Kenya Moore

Then things take a concerning turn

Kenya hangs up with Brandon, and goes an talks to a producer, and explains that she is not having a good day.

‘We were supposed to be going to church tomorrow for the preacher like to bless our wedding but Marc just let’s all of this, he really does, it’s just f***ing with him. He can’t even sleep and he’s not eating,’ Kenya shares crying.

‘He has got ex-girlfriends sending him things about me from 25 years ago , some famous guy I dated, like what does that have to do with now.

‘And everyone said he fought his mother and everybody for me.’

The scene then switches to Kenya’s green screen interview where she confesses that people try to make her feel that she’s not worthy of real love and she ends with this:

‘All this pressure. And it’s like too much to deal with and I don’t want to get divorced,’ she cried.

Kenya Moore

Since the taping of the 1st two episodes of season 10 of RHOA, Kenya has revealed two things:

 She’s planning a bigger wedding, and this time her father will walk her down the aisle:

“My marriage is sacred to me and my Aunt Lori, Brandon, my sister Lisa and best friend of 30 years all attended for my side,” she wrote. “My husband and I always planned to have a bigger wedding in June. I love my father dearly and he will walk me down the aisle.”

She’s moved out of Moore Manor and into a home with her husband in New York:

I believe when you get married you should move into a new home together to build a new life,” she tweeted. “To each his own.”

My sources in Atlanta told me that Kenya is preparing to sell Moore Manor, but whoever gets the listing, Kenya has a few non negotiables:  Moore Manor has to remain unlisted — no internet advertising or open houses allowed. Kenya is also requiring a cash-only buyer, and a quick close.

All of that leads me to this….

I am HAPPY For Kenya!!! She is finally living her dream. She did the work needed on herself  (Lord that sounds like Iyanla Vanzant) and God gave her the desires of her heart. All she’s ever said she wanted was a husband, and a family.

Oh, and one more thing, about the ex girlfriends sending the husband messages about Kenya’s past… Two things:

  1.  We all have a past so carry on
  2. Why do “EX” girlfriends still have access to a married man?

My two cents, what are yours?

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