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REVOLUTION: an Instruction Manual

Posted on the 25 September 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Now, that instructional video (seems like it) is a great idea, but (it feels like) it's written by the SAME GAME PLAYERS who've been promoting the Ordo Ab Chao game since the year dot. We build 'em up, we knock 'em down, and they still come begging for us to save them. LOL. BIG FAT BANKER LOL.
But it's not, Mike, you haven't watched it.
Yes, it is. And yes, I have. The idea is this, you rebel against your current government/conglomerate, and then you have to re-organise around Mad Max-style tribal leaders who'll probably rule with an iron fist like tribal kings of old, grabbing territory and asset within easy reach. Keen to trade and make pacts with their neighbouring tribes, inter-marrying across the borders as a form of protectionism. You're talking about a return to smash and grab SCAVENGER SOCIETY. Where there is No Society, except the power of your fist, your knife, your gun, your nuke.
It's all happened before, and it didn't work then.
How can this 'tribal return to collectivist power' deal with the needs of ALL LIFE ON FREE PLANET i.e. when will this 'revolution of leadered tribes' say, "There are too many of US (the tribe of man) on this Free Planet?" and will we be intelligent enough to 'self regulate' our spawning activity? When will the trees and the fish and the birds and the fungus and the moss and the flowers and the crabs and the ugly animals get a say in this 'collective rule'? Well, they won't obviously, because it's the same old game.
If you can't 'fend for yourself and your family', if you can't forage, if you can't sustain among the Natural World, your pathetic fucking revolution is broken from the start. As they always are. You will always be a slave to the Extinction Economists who squirrel away seed and genes for a rainy day. And that's all your revolution will be to the long-termist game player, just another rainy day. You realize they gamble millions of your pensions every day on the winner of two rain drops crawling down an office window? You do realize that all your blood, your sweat and your tears are nothing but chips in the global casino? I mean, you get that right?
You can't own the planet, you can only nurture it.
Divided, mankind is a conquered race heading for a DODO-ist future. This revolution will  still have PROFIT on its tribal flags? We need something better than a revolution, we need a 'real game changer' i.e. "Free Planet!"

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