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Review: Trakline Intrepid Belt

By Cefashion @cefashion

When it comes to men’s belts everyone thinks that they are built basically the same, but Trakline has come up with an innovation in the closure system that makes it a unique alternative to the worn out holes in your leather belt. At KORE Essentials, they take a quality grain leather belt and sew in a track along the inside that allows the belt to be adjusted up to 40 positions, in ¼ inch increments, making it a sort of ratchet belt.

Intrepid & Eclipse gunmetal buckles-min

The belt buckles come in stylish, modern metals and have the ability to open quickly with a release tab underneath. At KORE Essentials, they make belts that will mesh with both casual and dress clothes, but have a “futuristic” technology that makes them just as much about function, as fashion.

Trakline Belt patented buckle technology-min

One of the biggest advantages of this automatic belt is that if you happen to gain a few pounds or lose some, then the Trakline Belt will adjust in seconds, as opposed to boring holes in the leather with a knife yourself. Everyone has had that expensive belt that you bought and find that at some time, it just doesn’t fit like it used to. Nothing is more frustrating to spend good money on luxury accessories and have to leave them hanging in the closet. At KORE, they have solved that problem for you.

Intrepid nickel buckle, black belt-min

Trakline Belts give you the choice of white, brown, black, and gray leather ratchet belts and you are then able to pair them with modern belt buckles in stainless steel that come in sleek geometric cut outs, or if you prefer, you can have the solid belt buckle style. The prices range from $49.99 to $59.99, which is a great price for a belt that has the newest technology, as well as a great look.

Review: Trakline Intrepid Belt
Review: Trakline Intrepid Belt

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