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Review: The Hypnotist

By Bookaholic @BookReflections
Review: The Hypnotist
The Hypnotist by M.J. Rose
Genre: Mystery | Suspense | Thriller
Pages: 405 (Hardback)
Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours
M.J. Rose's Website
Haunted by his inability to stop the murder of a beautiful young painter twenty years ago, Lucian Glass keeps his demons at bay through his fascinating work with the FBI's Art Crime Team. Investigating a crazed collector who's begun destroying prized masterworks, Glass is thrust into a bizarre hostage negotiation that takes him undercover at the Phoenix Foundation—dedicated to the science of past-life study. There, to maintain his cover, he submits to the treatment of a hypnotist.
Under hypnosis, Glass travels from ancient Greece to nineteenth-century Persia, while the case takes him from New York to Paris and the movie capital of the world. These journeys will change his very understanding of reality, lead him to question his own sanity and land him at the center of perhaps the most audacious art heist in history: a fifteen-hundred-year-old sculpture the nation of Iran will do anything to recover.

My Rating: Review: The Hypnotist
My Review:
The Hypnotist is book 3 in M.J. Rose's reincarnation series.  I had not read the first two books before reading this one, but had no problem at all understanding and enjoying this sensational thriller.  Two murders that span decades and continents come together in one surprising plot that keeps the reader guessing from start to finish.  Not only is Lucian Gray struggling to find an explanation to dreams that drive him to draw images of women he has never met, Lucian must face an old tragedy which ended his the death of someone he loved. At the center of this thriller we have an ancient statute and priceless paintings, with multiple players and agendas.
I found this to be quite an intriguing and enjoyable read. There are many characters and separate plots that come together brilliantly.  This really could have been a mess but it was artfully constructed with twists and turns that keep you turning page after page. I'm not quite sure whether I enjoyed the writing or the plot more.  While I was intimidated by the topic, I really had nothing to worry about.  M.J. Rose is quite talented at unfolding each part of the story piece by piece at a pace that prevents the reader from being confused but still keeps readers on the edge of their seats.  Though I really loved this book, I think readers interested in this genre will enjoy it most.  If you are interested in trying something outside your comfort zone or looking into the thriller/suspense genre for the first time, this is a great place to start.  If nothing else, you can't help but enjoy the awesome writing.
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Review: The Hypnotist

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