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Review: Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Sudocrem and babies bottoms are pretty synonymous in most people's minds. We can't actually use Sudocrem as a nappy cream as it isn't compatible with cloth nappies, but I know that many people who use disposables swear by it. Simon's family always seem to have a tub of it handy...and I wasn't terribly sure why.
Until now. Sudocrem isn't just for babies bottoms - it's fast becoming a new "must have" for skin care as well. So much so that Sudocrem have now brought out a hand-bag sized tube of skin care cream, which is similar to the normal Sudocrem cream, with a few slight adjustments to make it even more perfect for using as part of your skin care routine.
Review: Sudocrem Skin Care Cream
It's uses range from healing sunburn, to soothing dry skin, and even to help clear up spot prone skin. This is what I found most intriguing about the little tube I was sent to try, as I've always been really prone to spots.
Sure enough, not long after receiving the tube, a spot began to appear. After my normal cleanse, tone, moisturise at night, I popped a bit of the Sudocrem on (probably not best done before you head out as it's still as white as normal Sudocrem!) and sure enough, by the next morning, the spot had decided it wasn't worth the battle and disappeared. Since then, the cream has been safely stored beside my dailt skin care products for use whenever I need it.
There are so many products out there which claim to clear up spots. But Sudocrem Skin Care Cream costs just £2.11 for 30g, and it seemingly will last me forever as a little goes a long way! So along with it's other uses, I think it's safe to say that this little gem is a skin care essential - especially for mommas on the go.
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