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Review: Snow White, Blood Red Edited by Ellen Datow & Terri Windling

By Pamelascott


Snow White, Blood Red Edited By Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

Avon Books (Paperback), 1993

406 Pages 






Once upon a time, fairy tales were for children… But no longer. 

You hold in your hands a volume of wonders – magical tales of trolls and ogres, of bewitched princesses and kingdoms accursed, penned by some of the most acclaimed fantasists of our day. But these are not bedtime stories designed to usher an innocent child gently into a realm of dreams. These are stories that bite – lush and erotic; often dark and disturbing mystical journeys through a phantasmagoric landscape of distinctly adult sensibilities… where there is no such thing a ‘happy ever after’.



AT A TIME NOT SO LONG AGO, IN A LAND MUCH LIKE our own, there was a cottage at the edge of a dark, haunted forest.



I really enjoyed Snow White, Blood Red. I’m a huge fan of fairy tales. The darker and the more twisted the better as far as I’m concerned. I’ve read a few volumes in this series and tend to be impressed. Snow White, Blood Red met the high standard I’ve come to expect. This was a great collection of stories.

LIKE A RED, RED ROSE BY SUSAN WADE: I thought this story was great. Sad, haunting and beautiful.

THE MOON IS DROWNING WHILE I SLEEP BY CHARLES DE LINT: Another great story. Creepy and unsettling.

THE FROG PRINCE BY GAHAN WILSON: I thought this was a fun and original slant on the traditional fairytale.

STALKING BEANS BY NANCY KRESS: I loved this story. Another great twist on the popular tale.

SNOW-DROP BY TANITH LEE: I loved this story. I found it creepy and unsettling but I loved every word on every page.

LITTLE RED BY WENDY WHEELER: This was one of my favorite stories. Wheeler takes us out of the realm of fantasy into a real world of predatory men.

I SHALL DO THEE MISCHIEF IN THE WOOD BY KATHE KOJA: I loved this story as well. I thought the title was great. A cautionary tale of being careful of what you wish for.

THE ROOT OF THE MATTER BY GREGORY FROST: This was a great story as well. I thought it was sad and really creepy. This one chilled me to the bone.

THE PRINCESS IN THE TOWER BY ELIZABETH A. LYNN: This was a great and original take on Rapunzel. I loved it.

PERSIMMON BY HARVEY JACOBS: I really enjoyed this story. I thought it was and interesting.

LITTLE POUCET BY STEVE RASNIC TEM: I thought this was a great story and it reminded me a lot of Thumbelina.

THE CHANGELINGS BY MELANIE TEM: This was one of the best and most unsettling stories in the collection.

THE SPRINGFIELD SWANS BY CAROLINE STEVERMER & RYAN EDMONDS: This was a great, original story. Very different.

TROLL BRIDGE BY NEIL GAIMAN: Another twist and very original tale. I loved it.

A SOUND LIKE ANGELS SINGING BY LEONARD RYSDYK: This was a great, creepy little story.

PUSS BY ESTHER M. FRIESNER: This story didn’t work for me and I thought it was quite weak.

THE GLASS CASKET BY JACK DANN: Another ‘so, so’ story.

KNIVES BY JANE YOLEN: I thought this poem was great.

THE SNOW QUEEN BY PATRICIA A. MCKILLIP: This was one of my favorite stories. The Snow Queen is my absolute favorite fairytale.

BREADCRUMBS AND STONES BY LISA GOLDSTEIN: Another original and great story. Very different.



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