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Review: Shrek

By Antipodeanblog @antipodeanblog
Review: Shrek
Shrek seems a more logical fit for the stage than other movie adaptations like The Lion King, Ghost or Legally Blonde.
Perhaps that's why the writers were so lazy? They were too comfortable? When a hermit character like Shrek starts to sing about his feelings, you know there's something wrong. When every single song is about his feelings... there's something very wrong!
It's like the old saying; "don't tell me you're funny, make me laugh!"
Unfortunately, this show didn't make many people laugh. The actors mostly had poor comic timing (particularly Donkey), and the only jokes that landed were half-baked regurgitations of one-liners from the movie.
Why, when the original movie is so genuinely humorous, would they add only fart jokes, while finding room for loads of faux-sentimental moments?
Unfortunately, this is the worst kind of lowest common denominator entertainment. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Sure, kids might enjoy it. But only because they don't know any better...

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