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Review: Search for Love (Audioibook)

By Bookaholic @BookReflections
Review: Search for Love (Audioibook)
Search for Love by Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance
Length: 5 hours 49 minutes
Narrator: Gayle Hendrix
Source: eLibrary
Arriving at her long-lost relatives' Brittany estate, Serenity Smith was greeted with cold politeness by the Comtesse de Kergallen and her darkly handsome grandson, Christophe. Refusing to believe their scandalous stories about her late parents, Serenity set out to prove they were false...but getting the enigmatic Christophe to change his mind about her would prove an equally worthy challenge.

My Rating: Review: Search for Love (Audioibook)
My Review:
On the story...
Serenity has lost her parents and has traveled to France after receiving a letter from the grandmother she didn't even know she had.  Hurting and lonely, she rushes to France to find her long lost family but she doesn't get the welcome that she expects.  Christophe is cold and uncaring, thinking Serenity has returned in hopes of gaining some of the family wealth.  This is a nice sweet romance that captures the attention and brings a smile to the face.  While the characters don't blow you  away, they aren't boring or tepid.  Everything seems to flow quite well.  This isn't Ms. Nora Robert's best by any means; in fact, it is unlike her typical writing style.  Maybe this is due to the fact that this 1992 story is pretty early in her career.
On the narrator...
I really enjoyed Ms. Hendrix and I think she added to the story rather than taking anything away.  I found the voices used for each character to be distinctive.
I found the whole cousins but not cousins thing to be kind of weird.  I couldn't figure out the relationship.  I loved that the romance wasn't sudden and while the reader/listener could see it coming, it was understandable that the characters didn't.  I enjoyed this audio and found it to be quite enjoyable and short :)  Christophe isn't my favorite leading man by any means but he successfully made me smile at times.  Overall this is a nice read.

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