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REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream

By Berrycreamie @mhi1106
REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream The answer is a big N-O. Just in case you will be asking if this “MUA” is the same the “MUA as in Make Up Academy”. I got confused at first too, but after researching, they really are two different brands. This MUA is made in Korea and the other MUA is from the UK. And if you ask me what might be the meaning of the Korean “MUA” then I’m sorry because I don’t have a clue what it is. LOL
I know that you are already familiar with this product since I did host a giveaway and MUA Star Cream is the prize. (Hi, winner! I hope you’re enjoying/enjoyed your own star cream) Anyhow, I got this Mua star cream last year and use it early this year. Of course, from my ever loving sponsor, Wishtrend; they sent this to me for review purposes. REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream  MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream really is a cool name, yes? And it comes in this black tube with white writings and of course, a star. But unlike any normal skin care products places in a tube, MUA Star creams takes it to the next level by including a three metal ball rollers on the mouth of the tube that will act as the applicator of the cream. With those ball rollers, you can easily apply it onto your face in a star's motion. See photo above. The rollers make the cream cold when applied on the skin. REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream MUA Star cream is more of a gel than a cream to me, but it doesn’t have a runny consistency. It’s clear and has shimmers, seriously. Not shimmers like the ones you see in an eyeshadow, FYI. The shimmers are barely noticeable, so no need to worry. It has this sweet-floral scent and is really relaxing. No stickiness and absorbs pretty quick within a seconds.

REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream

See those shimmers? :)

What does it promise? MUA says that it’s an anti-wrinkle and whitening. Before I say anything about this cream’s effectiveness let me just say that I am still young, 20 years-old to be exact, and so I won’t say anything about its anti-wrinkle property. And if ever I’m still using it after 6-10 years, then I’ll be happy to give you an update. Hihihi ^^
How’s the whitening property? It didn’t work on me. BUT, (yes, I’d have to capitalize it) I like this product. Why? Because it moisturizes, and hydrates my skin really well. It makes my skin really smooth and soft that my BB cream will glide on really easy to my face. It can act as your primer too, because it will lessen the visibility of your pores and puffiness of the eyes as well.
REVIEW | MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream
Overall Experience:   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5
Net Wt:  20g
Price:  USD19.99
Where to Buy:  Wishtrend (link to the product)
MUA Star Cream really is a good product to try. Although, the whitening property did not work to me, it doesn't mean that it won't work on you as well. We all have different skin conditions and if you have the budget, then try this! Who knows? This could be your HG product. ^^
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