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Review | Lakme Absolute Bi-phased Makeup Remover Review

By Subha Bose

Today we will see about Lakme absolute bi-phased makeup remover review. I have been using Maybelline makeup remover for a long time, so I thought of giving this one a try as it claims to remove lips, eye and face makeup.

Lakme makeup remover review

Lakme Bi-Phased Makeup remover

Price :
Rs 210 ( 50 ml )

Product Description :
This Bi-phased makeup remover has a unique formula that gets activated by simply shaking the bottle. The oil helps in lifting the makeup and water helps in refreshing the skin. It gently but thoroughly removes all kinds of makeup even long wearing and water proof lip, eye and face makeup leaving the skin soft and smooth.
Rinse with cold water, Keep cap tightly closed after use.
Lakme makeup remover review

Ingredients :
Aqua,cyclomethicone, isohexadeane, butylene glycol, sodium chloride, dimethicone, caprylyl, glycerine, fragrence D-panthenol, disodim EDTA, dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, phenoxyethanol, DMDM hydantoin, idopropynyl butyl carbamate.
Shelf Life :
24 months

Lakme makeup remover review

Lakme Absolute Bi-phased Makeup Remover

My Experience :
This Lakme makeup remover comes in a spray type bottle, the packing is quite sturdy and travel friendly. It is a bi-phased remover, so it has to be shaken well before using it. As it comes in a spray type bottle we can control the quantity of product dispensed, so no wastage of product. I spray the remover on a cotton ball and use it all over my face to remove the makeup. It removes face and lip makeup quite well with in a few wipes. It does not irritate skin or break me out.

Lakme makeup remover review

Lotus Kajal 2 swipes

Lakme makeup remover review

Kajal completely removed with in 2 wipes

          When it comes to removing eye makeup this one has disappointed me, it stings my eyes whenever I use it, So I am using it to remove my face and lip makeup only. It works well on water proof makeup also. It leaves the face oily after using it, so I recommend  washing the face with face wash after using it, as Lakme claims washing the face with cold water alone is not enough.
Pros :
  • Sturdy, travel friendly packing
  • Removes makeup efficiently with few swipes
  • Small quantity is only required
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • It does not irritate skin
Cons :
  • Stings eyes 
  • Makes skin oily, so it should be followed by face wash

Final Verdict :
Lakme makeup remover does a good job in removing face and lip makeup. But if you have sensitive eyes like me and planning to buy it only for eye makeup removal, then it's better if you avoid it.
Rating :
Have You tried Lakme Bi-phased  Makeup Remover? What is your favorite makeup remover ?

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