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Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid

By Berrycreamie @mhi1106
Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid Carrying a makeup kit is a must for me whenever I go out. Even if I’m just going to church I always carry a lipstick and a powder with me, of course I don’t use it during the Mass, my bag just feels incomplete without any makeup.
Most of the time, I just use a powder for retouching to save time from redoing my whole makeup, until Quick Remake Liquid from Kate Tokyo. 
Kate Quick Remake Liquid is one of the For Cover lines of Kate Tokyo. It was introduced to us when we attended the Kate Tokyo Blogger’s Event. I mentioned how I really liked and favorite this product the first time I used it. 
Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid The packaging is simple yet elegant in a sleek black tube with a tiny nozzle. Unfortunately, all the information about this product was written in Japanese so I really didn’t get much information about it.
Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid
With the name itself, it says that this product is for a quick remake of your makeup. You don’t really need a brush for this one because it’s very lightweight that it feels like a tinted moisturizer for me. And since that this is only for retouching, don’t expect a highly pigmented liquid and a nice coverage.
Kate Quick Remake Liquid only has 1 shade available with a yellow undertone. Nevertheless, this will suit those skin tones with pink undertone as well. You can easily blend this on top of your worn-out foundation. It doesn’t cake whatsoever. The finish is semi-matte and semi-dewy; it’s hard to explain if you are the one wearing it. I’ll let you judge using these photos of mine as your references.
Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid As you can see, my makeup is really worn-out in those photos. Look at my faded lipstick!! Anyway, the second photo shows how the Kate Quick Remake Liquid works. You can see that with the liquid applied on top of my already faded makeup, it looks like I re-applied my BB cream lightly, and my makeup looks fresh again. No need to redo my brows and eyeliner at all. With Kate Quick Remake Liquid, you only need less than 2 minutes to fix your makeup without any hassle. After applying it, my makeup lasts for another 5 hours. Amazing, isn’t?
What's more is that this product has SPF25 and PA++. So yeah, you don’t really need to apply any sunscreen again. I also like to use it as a primer. And it’s good in moisturizing as well!
Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid Now that you know what product stays in my makeup kit forever, share what’s yours! 
Kate Quick Remake Liquid, Php840 Available in all Kate Tokyo Counters Like their FB Page |

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