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Review: Inbound Marketing

Posted on the 18 February 2011 by Cameronchell

Following very much in suit to the review we posted two weeks ago, this week’s review is on ‘Inbound Marketing’ by Brian Halligan & Darmesh Shah. Where ‘The Social Media Marketing Book’ is a broad strokes overview of using Social Media systems ‘Inbound Marketing’ is driven by To Do lists, exercises and checklist to help you in the development of your Social Media strategy. My suggestion off the top is to read ‘The Social Media Marketing Book’ prior to reading ‘Inbound Marketing’ to help form a truly cohesive Social Media Marketing strategy.

The way in which the world communicates in changing, or as the book suggests “We’re living a revolution!” Traditional styles of marketing (billboards, TV, direct mail) are ineffective, time consuming and waste money. As ‘Inbound Marketing’ suggests, consumers want to be engaged by the companies and organizations they deal with. They want to “Like” you on Facebook, to talk to you on Twitter, follow and comment on your Blog. The impetus falls on the company to go to where their audience is, to join the Social Media scene.

Luckily ‘Inbound Marketing’ helps you do just that.

By reading through, following along and participating in the exercises the book provides you can begin to develop a strategy that not only helps you to get found, but how to convert leads as well. For startups this is essential information, like an inside track to help you pull customers to your brand instead of pushing it on them.

If you’re looking into Inbound Marketing in your startup or organization we highly recommend you give this a read, especially in conjunction with ‘The Social Media Marketing Book’.

Pick yourself up a copy and enjoy this light and quick read packed with great information.

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