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REVIEW! Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark Chocolate

By Thereviewaddict @TheReviewAddict
Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark Chocolate
Before Christmas I reviewed a subscription box called Degustabox and in it was this Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark Chocolate. I was really looking forward to trying this bar as I have loved every Green & Blacks chocolate bar that I have tasted to date.
The 100g bar contains 550 calories and is described as "organic dark chocolate with a mixed spice and chilli flavouring". It contains 6 aromatic spices with warming chilli and contains pink pepper and juniper berries.
Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark Chocolate
Well I think this is going to be one of those bars that people either love or hate and sadly I am in the latter camp. The taste was far too weird for me and that is saying something because I have tried some pretty weird chocolate in my time.
I absolutely loved the Duke of Dehli bars that I reviewed the other day, they contained spices and it all worked perfectly, however this Green & Blacks bar is just plain wrong.
It tasted really bitter and I almost spat it out straight away but carried on in case it got better. Sadly it didn't, it just got worse! The flavours were really strong but also really hideous which is a shame because I actually liked the heat from the chilli. I don't know specifically what it was that gave this chocolate it's strange flavour, perhaps the juniper berries but I won't be eating any more of it to find out!
VerdictI did chuckle at one of the reviews on the Ocado website in which the person said that they would rather eat raw liver. Well I can't say I agree with that but I really did not like this bar at all. I honestly thought I would enjoy it so it's a complete surprise to me that it will be making it's way on to the The Review Addict's 10 Worst Chocolate Bars List. I awarded it 2 stars because although I did not like the taste, the heat was good and at least the chocolate was decent quality.REVIEW! Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark ChocolateREVIEW! Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark ChocolateREVIEW! Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark ChocolateREVIEW! Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark ChocolateREVIEW! Green & Blacks Spiced Chilli Dark Chocolate
Whilst I am on the subject of chocolate, a friend of The Review Addict is trying to bring back the Banjo chocolate bar. Sadly I am too young to remember this bar but she assures me that it is one of the good ones! So if you too would like to see Banjo return, please support the Bring Back Banjo campaign by signing this petition
You can also check out the Bring Back Banjo Facebook Page or follow the campaign on Twitter. Perhaps if we can bring back some decent chocolate bars from the past, it would stop any more bad ones finding their way out there!

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