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Review: EZ WYP Biodegradable Hand Wipes

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

I discovered the EZ WYP (pronounced “easy wipe”) Biodegradable Wet Wipes at GreenFest this year and I was really impressed with his product. Not only is the product safe for the environment, it’s also really handy! (No pun intended).

Review: EZ WYP Biodegradable Hand Wipes

EZ WYP Biodegradable Hand Wipes $7.99 (pack of 50 PLUS dispenser!)

So basically, what you get is a pack of 50 little tablet looking things. The tablets, are actually a biodegradable fabric that expands when exposed to liquids. You also get a little dispenser to carry around with you. The spill-proof dispenser holds water on one side and a stack of tablets on the other. Here’s how it works:

Review: EZ WYP Biodegradable Hand Wipes

Review: EZ WYP Biodegradable Hand Wipes

Review: EZ WYP Biodegradable Hand Wipes

Review: EZ WYP Biodegradable Hand Wipes

Neat huh? And the dispenser really is spill-proof. I’ve tossed it in my bag and ran around with it and it hasn’t spilled once! You can even travel with the container empty at the airport, and then just fill it up when you get through airport security. That way if you need the wipes while you’re on the plane, you can use them. The other great thing is that studies have shown that repeated use of certain antibacterial products and hand sanitizers can affect our immune systems, especially babies. (Read more about that here and here). You don’t have to worry about that with this product, because the wipes have no scent and all you’re using is good old fashioned water!

The wipes are pretty sturdy as well. I’ve wet them and used them to wipe off surfaces, my hands, the tops of bottles, even with a little olive oil to remove makeup! I love these things.

The dispenser holds about 8 tablets/wipes and you can always toss some more in your purse/bag if necessary.

RATING: 5 SAVVY!* – Good product, easy to use, earth-friendly, multiple uses, less than $10!

You can find EZ WYP Biodegradable Wipes in the Savvy Shop

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