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Review: Destroy Me( Shatter Me #1.5) by Tahereh Mafi

By Appraisingpages @appraisjngpages


After reading Shatter Me ( click to read my review ), I was really excited about this series. Shatter Me laid out a great foundation and ended with a lot of possibilities for the rest of the books. So, when Destroy Me came out, naturally I wanted to read it.

Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me, Juliette escaped from The Reestablishment by seducing Warner—and then putting a bullet in his shoulder. But as she’ll learn in Destroy Me, Warner is not that easy to get rid of. . .

Back at the base and recovering from his near-fatal wound, Warner must do everything in his power to keep his soldiers in check and suppress any mention of a rebellion in the sector. Still as obsessed with Juliette as ever, his first priority is to find her, bring her back, and dispose of Adam and Kenji, the two traitors who helped her escape. But when Warner’s father, The Supreme Commander of The Reestablishment, arrives to correct his son’s mistakes, it’s clear that he has much different plans for Juliette. Plans Warner simply cannot allow.

This book obviously has a different feel than Shatter Me, its from Warners perspective and not Juliette. I was really surprised that I had started seeing posts from other readers that claimed they were “Team Warner”.Warner - We could be unstoppable

Well, that was before reading Destroy Me.

Warner comes to life in a whole new way and it’s a way that makes him actually human. He became someone you empathize with and you can see where his actions come from. Getting to know him, what makes him tick and what he fears made him so much more dimensional. I started understanding what other readers were seeing in him, though it doesn’t hurt that he is apparently hot. It was interesting seeing Juliette the way he does, he views her in a way so distant then she does.At one point he is reading her diary, here is an excerpt  that I had to share:photo-7

It’s amazing to me how much more I got to know Juliette when it was written about Warner. I said in my previous review of Shatter Me, that one of the biggest aspects I liked was how well I connected with Juliette. Destroy Me only furthered that belief.

Warners thoughts on the world he lives in and his place in it blew what I used to think of him away. His participation in The Reestablishment became something I appreciated and saw  value in. This was the perfect novella to get me geared up for Unravel Me (of course I am currently reading it, it came TODAY). If you’ve read Shatter Me, I would really reccomend reading Destroy Me before you dive into Unravel Me, it’s a great book and it may change your perspective of the whole situation!

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