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REVIEW: Contemplations by Lisa M. Gott

By Pamelascott
Broken 80 PAGES

A bride forever buries a dark secret on her wedding day. A woman faces the hardest goodbye of her life. A homeless man leaves an unforgettable mark on a town. And a hat brings two lost souls together. These, along with many other tales and poems, paint a vivid portrait of the human condition.

Lisa M. Gott found her voice by crafting a variety of short stories, poems, and flash fiction. Comprised of the very first words she uttered as a writer, this updated edition also features two new short stories, How to Say Goodbye and Arthur. From dark to light, Contemplations is a collection of tales and prose about life that are sure to touch each reader in one way or another.

REVIEW: Contemplations Lisa Gott

You once loved me
Cherished me
More than I deserved...

This is my first time reading Lisa M. Gott.

Contemplations is a great little collection of poems and stories. There is more fiction than poetry in the collection. I thought the stories were excellent but I did prefer the poems. I could happily have read dozens more poems. Gott writes the sort of poems I love to read. Every poem was striking and memorable. I was very impressed by the quality of the stories as well. They were beautiful, disturbing and haunting. My jaw hit the floor page after page. My favourite poems and stories are Broken, The Things You Keep to Yourself, Beautiful Monster, Skipping Stones, A Performance To Remember and Scarred. Contemplations is packed with great stuff from a great writer. Highly recommended. I need to read more of this woman's work.

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