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Review: COLD

Posted on the 10 January 2012 by Exceedpossibility @exceedpossible
A while ago I posted the trailer for the climbing film COLD, directed by Anson Fogel and filmed by climber Cory Richards. The film follows Cory and two team mates, Denis Urubko and Simone Moro in an attempt to climb G2 in Pakistan, one of the fourteen 8,000 metres peaks, in Winter.
Review: COLD
The team were successful but lucky to return alive, surviving temperatures of nearly -50 C and a horrifying avalanche. From footage filmed on the mountain an award winning film was put together on their return.
As a viewer you're made to feel like you're on the mountain with the team, you feel the cold, the wind and the pain on their faces. When the team summit there is no happy moment; they're half way, they're at the most dangerous point on their journey and the harrowing music reminds you of this. With a voice over by Cory the story pans out in this twenty minute film, their journey to the summit seems fairly undisturbed, their journey to the bottom involves coming face to face with an avalanche. As Cory comes to, having been buried alive, he turns the camera to his snow covered face; this music, the tears and the moment make for one moving piece of film - luckily he's alive, they're all alive and soon in Base Camp.
Having bought the film from the Sender Films website the making comes with it; a look at the work Anson Fogel and his team put in to making the raw footage into this moving film. While the price of about £10 may be steep for a 20 odd minute film it's definitely worth it in this case. This film is beautiful, moving and inspirational - these three men took mountaineering to another level.
In climbing G2 Corey Richards became the only American to summit an 8,000 meter peak in Winter, they were, as a team, the first to conquer a Pakistani 8,000m peak in Winter.
Extremely highly recommended!

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