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Review: Amber Teething Jewellery from Amber Pieces

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Review: Amber teething jewellery from Amber PiecesI mentioned a long while ago that Isabelle wore an amber teething anklet to help with her teething. Isabelle is a slow teether - she is heading towards 11 months and only has 2! But, I know that more will come, and I want to do everything I can to help her stay as pain free as possible when the next round of teething hits us. Although amber anklets are great, the power of amber works best closest to the site of pain, so along with her anklet I am very keen for Isabelle to wear an amber necklace, and recently, I was sent some lovely amber necklaces, and an amber bracelet, from Amber Pieces to try out with Isabelle.
For anyone who isn't familiar with amber as a teething aid, here's a quick run down:
Amber is the fossilised resin of trees, from around 50million years ago, and baltic amber has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Scientific research has shown that when amber is worn against the skin, it releases natural oils that are absorbed into the bloodstream. These oils have a calming effect on the body and, importantly for teething babies, act as a natural analgesic, which is why it is so popular for use on teething babies. A lot of people ask me if the amber is to chew on - it definitely isn't, and should be kept well away from babies mouths, as their teeth could fracture and damage the stones, and even break pieces off that they may swallow.
I will be honest - I don't know if amber jewelry really helps with teething. BUT, I do know that it definitely doesn't HURT any, so that is reason enough for me to load Isabelle up with amber. Her first tooth popped through with no issues at all, and my daughter is a drama queen, so I genuinely believe it has helped her out.
Amber Pieces is an online amber jewelry retailer, who sell a huge range of amber jewelry for babies. They were kind enough to send me two beautiful necklaces, and a bracelet to try out with Isabelle. There is a huge range of jewellery, with something to suit everyone's taste. The pieces arrived in a very sweet little bag, and I gave them a close inspection when I took them out. As with all good quality amber jewelry for babies, these pieces had a knot after every single stone - shown in the picture below. This is really important to me as it means that, should the jewelry break, only ONE bead will become loose and I don't have to worry about a whole string of beads falling off and causing a potential choking hazard for Isabelle.
All 3 pieces of jewelry are beautiful, with the multicoloured necklace being my favorite. Isabelle was more than happy to wear the necklaces and they sat securely under her clothes, next to her skin, working their magic safely out of her grasp. Although we were also sent a bracelet, as Isabelle is still so young I knew that if I put it on her wrist it would go straight into her mouth, be tugged and pulled at, and potentially broken. It will be great for her when she is older, but for now I have re-purposed it as an anklet. It was the perfect size, and replaced her other anklet which I had become a bit bored of! 
We've no new teeth yet, so I honestly can't comment on how effective the amber is, but what I do know is that it is made to a really high quality, and it looks great. The jewelry from Amber Pieces can also be sent with a certificate of authenticity - letting you know that what you are buying is REAL baltic amber. Unfortunately, there are lots of fakes out there, so this is one way to put your mind at ease. It isn't easy to find a reputable amber teething necklace supplier in the UK, so Amber Pieces and their huge selection of jewelry are definitely a great place to find some amber to help out your little one.

Review: Amber teething jewellery from Amber Pieces

Isabelle wearing her necklace while: drawing, in the bath, looking in the mirror, at baby group and while bashing the dog bowl!

Recently, I've heard some bits and bobs about the use of amber, and how to keep it in good condition, so I thought I would check with Amber Pieces for their insight on the common issues surrounding amber:
1// You can put amber in water! No need to take it off at every bath time - hurrah!2// There is no such thing as recharging amber - it is a resin, not a crystal, so can't be recharged by the sun. In fact, they say putting it in the sun could actually damage it!3// Your necklace will never 'run out' and so doesn't need replaced unless damaged or broken4// No special cleaning needs done - simply wash in water and dry with a soft cloth. Give it a polish every now and again to keep it in tip top condition!
So Amber Pieces definitely get my vote for a great place to buy amber teething jewelry for your little. Their pieces are beautiful, and their in depth knowledge of amber puts my mind at ease that I am buying amber that is of great quality, and is made by people who really know what they are doing. 

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