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Review #3004: Haven 2.9: “Lockdown”

Posted on the 12 September 2011 by Entil2001 @criticalmyth

The previous episode left Nathan’s status somewhat in doubt, but in typical “Haven” fashion, such questions are not left to linger for very long. Instead of letting the battle for control over the law enforcement in Haven stretch to the end of the season, the writers tackle it right away, making it abundantly clear that the battle for control of the town is escalating in a huge way.

Review #3004: Haven 2.9: “Lockdown”

The new sheriff was quite the piece of work. At first, I thought that his incredibly stubborn attitude and belligerence were a symptom of lazy writing; he was practically a caricature. But as time passed, and his obvious ties to Reverend Driscoll became more cemented, I began seeing it differently. The new sheriff was an example of the kind of zealot that Driscoll has been cultivating for the coming conflict, someone so devoted to the cause of dealing with the Troubled with extreme prejudice that he would gladly see everyone in the police station die to take out as many as possible.

The Troubled in this case are a couple of co-dependent “cursed” souls: a husband who can force people to do what he wants, and his wife, who takes all the negativity and hatred over his abuse and transfers it to others, killing them in the process. It seems that she was the only one not influenced by his Trouble, and given his abusive nature, that meant he took it out on her.

It’s a clever and disturbing twist on the relationship between Chris and Audrey, which in turn makes the case for the writers being smart and subtle with the entire situation, sheriff included. The fallout is massive. Evi is dead, having confessed that she allied with the Reverend on Duke’s behalf. Duke seems like he might be influenced by that act of sacrifice, putting him in line to oppose the Troubled Secret Service (the folks with the tattoos). Chris realizes that his influence could lead to serious abuse of power.

Nathan discovers just how far Driscoll is willing to push his followers, and if it wasn’t for Dwight, he’d be dead. Dwight, already a solid addition to the show, makes an even bigger contribution this time around. Of course, this only points to the means of his eventual departure, since sooner or later, one of those bullets will likely find his head or neck. But for now, Nathan has protection.

As I mentioned, the various threats aligned against Nathan and Audrey, all directed by Driscoll, point to the notion that he knew what was going to happen. The arrival of the obstinate replacement sheriff, just in time for the Troubled couple to start killing people, was just too convenient otherwise. What it means is that Nathan and Audrey are fighting with their backs up against the wall. With their allies few and far between, I’m intrigued to discover how they will manage to even the odds.

Writing: 2/2
Acting: 2/2
Direction: 2/2
Style: 2/4

Final Rating: 8/10

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