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Revenge Services Offered on the Dark Web

Posted on the 04 May 2017 by Darkwebnews @darkwebnews

A listing belonging to a dark web vendor under the pseudonym "Etimbuk" has caught much attention in the past few days.

What this particular vendor is selling stands out from the usual darknet listings in a major way.

Revenge Services Offered on the Dark Web

For $700, Etimbuk is offering those willing to buy the services a chance to get revenge on anyone that has crossed them before.

Odd as it seems, the listing goes on to specify that the act of revenge could be carried out on an ex-lover, a neighbor, a coworker, a boss, or as Etimbuk puts it, "someone they hate."Aside from that, there's a dire lack of details especially when it comes to the nature of the revenge services offered and how far the seller would go to satisfy customer demands as needed.

Going by the listing itself, it appears as if Etimbuk represents a larger group of people, consistently using the pronoun "we" when speaking about the services.

The dark web vendor constantly dangles the fact that using their services will not only take the burden off of the customer but also the blame since their identity will be well protected.

Etimbuk also notes that the revenge services are offered "anonymously and legally," an interesting statement to make, considering the legality of harming others for the sake of vengeance.

The dark web vendor's key selling points include the fact that clients will not be involved in any of the "dirty work" and will not be linked to any crimes if things go south.

Possible Scam?

The dark web is a place where crime thrives under the cloak provided by encrypted networks and anonymity software.

Selling drugs, weapons, child pornography and malware are some of the ways cyber criminals make a living in various darknet markets along an encrypted labyrinth of websites.

However, scammers are also becoming a dominant presence on the dark web, for obvious reasons.

Last year, a hacker revealed that the seemingly nefarious hitman-for-hire darknet site Besa Mafia was nothing but an elaborate setup that fleeced people out of tens of thousands of dollars by promising non-existent hitman services.

Etimbuk's listing raises a lot of red flags, less focused on an ethical standpoint and more informed by the perspective of seasoned dark web users who can spot the difference between a legitimate or completely fake offer.

Despite the lack of poor grammar (usually a telltale sign that an offer is a scam), there is no way to verify the legitimacy of the services offered by this dark web vendor.

Law Enforcement Dragnets

As the dark web evolves, law enforcement agencies adopt new ingenious ways to catch up with cyber criminals.

Casting out dragnets has worked in cases catching sexual predators, potential terrorists and street-level drug dealers.

The police often masquerade as criminals in order to lure in their "marks" until enough evidence has been gathered to prosecute.

Etimbuk's offering of revenge services could be just another police dragnet cast out to net people who intend to cause harm to others.

Once again, the lack of verification methods on the dark web makes it impossible to rule this out as a possibility.

The lack of detail is another indicator that these services may not be as legitimate as they appear at first glance.

For now, the revenge services listing remains to be something to laugh about rather than take seriously, since there is no telling what lies on the other side of the offer.

Revenge Services Offered on the Dark Web


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