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Rethinking Online Learning

Posted on the 10 February 2012 by Combi31 @combi31

If you are busy in study or work, you may have little time to do other things which would mean more money and many better advantages. Online learning becomes a feasible choice. There are many benefits of online learning. It’s practical, easy to do, and costs cheaper.However, there are also some obstacles. The fact that you are learning on your own could very well be one of the major obstacles of taking online learning. There is probably no one checking your progress on a regular basis. You may be given some assistance along the way, but you alone are usually responsible for working your way through the learning course. Even, since you can work at your own pace, you may find yourself putting the task off until finally you find not enough time to do the learning.Another obstacle is the lack of interaction. You don’t have the chance to hear questions from other learners. This isn’t always the problem, but it could be important to think when you will decide an online learning method for achieving new skills. It is good to think that method as a good opportunity, but you must learn its disadvantages too.Still, you can always take the online learning as the best choice if you can discipline yourself. Online learning needs high independence and autonomy in the part of the learner. It means you have wider chance to control your time and progress, and you have the responsibility much on your shoulder. With strong will and punctuality, it would be a real opportunity for your better learning.Author: Ozie LeaArticle Source: EzineArticles.comProvided by: How Electric Pressure Cookers Work

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