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RETARDED.COM – Should This Domain Be Auctioned in the Largest Domain Industry Convention?

Posted on the 30 December 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

The question in the above headline is being asked on Namepros and quite a debate is breaking out.

Some say business is business and think it’s fine, while others feel that the convention has no moral obligation to anyone.

On the flipside some are appalled and find the name in bad taste. NamesCon being the premier event in the industry does not need this kind of attention and some feel it’s another example of why people look at the domain industry in a negative manner.

I do know watching movies that I have seen in the theater or on HBO, that the word retarded gets bleeped by basic cable networks.

As someone who taught tennis for Special Olympics for a number of years, the word does evoke a great deal of emotion for families and friends of the athletes, as I feel it should. I would not take the name for free and would not want to see it being highlighted at an industry event but I don’t make those calls.

I do however think that censorship with domain names becomes a slippery slope, it’s a big world and a lot of words offend many different individuals.

So what do you think ?

P.S. Currently the poll on Namepros has 29 votes with 16 thinking the name is ok to be auctioned.

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