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Restaurants Are Banning Children

By Newsanchormom

Restaurants are banning children
I don't really have a problem with restaurants having a designated "kids free" zone. I hate it when the service is slow and my kids get bored and want to run around and I am constantly saying "Shhh, sit down. It's only a few more minutes." I look around worried someone is going to complain or be annoyed. Actually, I hate taking my kids out to eat. It's just not fun. It's stressful and they rarely eat the food and it costs a lot more than eating at home. I would much rather go out to eat with my husband at a quiet restaurant. Granted, my kids are little and wild! If I had older, quiet kids I would probably feel differently!
FROM NBC: Restaurants are banning children. Some diners say its way overdue while others think it's not right.
This story is about one Augustine, Florida dining room where you have to leave the kids at home. Randy and Debbie Morris are celebrating a quiet, romantic 30th anniversary dinner.
"Beautiful sunset." But tonight's celebration is actually a repeat of last night's disaster, at a different restaurant.
Randall Morris: "We couldn't hear ourselves think. It's not the kids fault, it's the parents who haven't taught the kids how to behave." "We're restaurateurs, we're not babysitters." Three years ago, Cap's on the Water became a pioneer in what is becoming a growing national trend.
Vivian De Raad/Restaurant Owner "You want to have a nice bottle of wine and dinner, i think you should be able to do that without children crying and running in and out."
"Now let's be clear, kids are allowed in this restaurant, just not this room. Here's the cutoff point right here. To get in here, you have to be 16, in most cases."
"16 would be the cut off for me." "if there a calm 16?" "exactly, laughs." And yes, they've had some upset customers.
Bernard De Raa/Restaurant Owner: "I think as a young parent, it's hard not to feel insulted. It's got to feel personal. Your kids not welcome in our dining area, who are you, I'm spending money here.
But overall, customers, and the money have been flowing in. "I think it's been up." So, don't be afraid to bring your kids to cap's just be afraid to bring them in this room. "If you can't see my point, own your own restaurant, buy your own restaurant and have your own policies."
Caps is not alone in Florida. There are a number of restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and even some airlines that are going kid-free.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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